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Interesting new success with Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP-Manager (both from GitHub)

(Dave Burgess) #1

As many of you know, I’ve proudly been running my home on PIAF Gold for something like 12 years. I ran it on the 32-bit Asterisk 1.8 because, at the time, Chan-SCCP-B needed a 32-bit kernel and my Cisco 7910 phones were not SIP-able. I also had a couple other SCCP-only phones that I wanted to use and play with, so I went with it.

After more than a half decade, I added TimeTrex to the server (for a library management package I was working on).

A few months ago, I upgraded TimeTrex to the new version. It updated PHP, which broke my FreePBX. No more GUI to manage the phones. So, my day-job boss called the house and, because his name wasn’t in the whitelist, he got a duck quacking. A couple hours later, I’m in his office. He was not amused.

So, this weekend I tried to upgrade the beast. Still running all the same stuff, but with the newest version of everything. I’m here to report success. Here are the steps:

  • Installed the latest version of FreePBX on a new hard drive. Dropped it into the old server (I know - it’s a dinosaur, but “birds of a feather…”).
  • Set up my inbound and outbound VoIP Innovations and Alcazar Networks trunks.
  • Installed TimeTrex (there’s a PGSQL requirement that I still need to finish this) so the guys can clock in and out from the phones.
  • Installed “git” so I could download the Chan-SCCP-B channel driver. Updated the Chan-SCCP-B Wiki to reflect that.
  • Did all of the steps to install the channel driver, including updating the “” piece.
  • Downloaded and installed the SCCP-Manager. This isn’t the one I wrote, it actually works with the current FreePBX.
  • Started setting up the phones. Only snag I hit was that the SCCP-Manager creates Virtual Extensions instead of the SCCP Extensions that are now a thing. Other than that, it worked pretty well.

So, basically pleased to report that Chan-SCCP-B is still a thing (and works with Asterisk 15). It seems to work best if you install the “sccp.conf” file in /etc/asterisk/ first, but once installed, it works pretty well.

All I have to do now is finish reinstalling the TimeTrex context and I’ll be golden, and in the same century as everyone else.

FreePBX and Cisco 7945