Interesting new success with Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP-Manager (both from GitHub)

As many of you know, I’ve proudly been running my home on PIAF Gold for something like 12 years. I ran it on the 32-bit Asterisk 1.8 because, at the time, Chan-SCCP-B needed a 32-bit kernel and my Cisco 7910 phones were not SIP-able. I also had a couple other SCCP-only phones that I wanted to use and play with, so I went with it.

After more than a half decade, I added TimeTrex to the server (for a library management package I was working on).

A few months ago, I upgraded TimeTrex to the new version. It updated PHP, which broke my FreePBX. No more GUI to manage the phones. So, my day-job boss called the house and, because his name wasn’t in the whitelist, he got a duck quacking. A couple hours later, I’m in his office. He was not amused.

So, this weekend I tried to upgrade the beast. Still running all the same stuff, but with the newest version of everything. I’m here to report success. Here are the steps:

  • Installed the latest version of FreePBX on a new hard drive. Dropped it into the old server (I know - it’s a dinosaur, but “birds of a feather…”).
  • Set up my inbound and outbound VoIP Innovations and Alcazar Networks trunks.
  • Installed TimeTrex (there’s a PGSQL requirement that I still need to finish this) so the guys can clock in and out from the phones.
  • Installed “git” so I could download the Chan-SCCP-B channel driver. Updated the Chan-SCCP-B Wiki to reflect that.
  • Did all of the steps to install the channel driver, including updating the “” piece.
  • Downloaded and installed the SCCP-Manager. This isn’t the one I wrote, it actually works with the current FreePBX.
  • Started setting up the phones. Only snag I hit was that the SCCP-Manager creates Virtual Extensions instead of the SCCP Extensions that are now a thing. Other than that, it worked pretty well.

So, basically pleased to report that Chan-SCCP-B is still a thing (and works with Asterisk 15). It seems to work best if you install the “sccp.conf” file in /etc/asterisk/ first, but once installed, it works pretty well.

All I have to do now is finish reinstalling the TimeTrex context and I’ll be golden, and in the same century as everyone else.

Hi Dave

Inspired by your various posts over the years, I wanted to try using chan-sccp and sccp-manager, to compare quality compared with chan-sip on cisco 7945/1’s

The sccp-manager that I downloaded (release 13.2) had various PHP problems (whoops warnings) with FreePBX, which I have corrected and have eventually managed to install the modules.

However there is some functionality that does not work and which I am still trying to debug (add device, edit device for example) and according to the Server Config / SCCP info tab, I have a DB_Schema incompatibility.

While I can see why I am getting this error, I cannot see how to change the schema.

Am I using a different version of SCCP manager, or is there some astuce that I have missed (there are so many different versions and help pages, of which your latest was the clearest)

Any pointers would be appreciated

Hi Steve,

I think there is a problem in the recognition of the latest version of chan-sccp.
I fixed the bug on a fork pending approval.

Here you can find the pull request with references to the fork:

If you want to try to see if it solves for you too:

  1. uninstall the current version of sccp-manager
  2. remove the module
  3. upload the version of my fork
  4. install


Thanks Andrea.

Not wanting to throw the towel in, I tried the dev branch of chan-sccp and that worked with extension-mobility, so I guess it goes between the two - looking at the config I posted above, it seems chan-sccp was reporting the wrong version as well - that is now correct with the dev branch of chan-sccp.

Just in case it hasn’t been mentioned, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. If you post something and I don’t respond right away, I’m probably in treatment. I won’t be spending as much time as I have in the past on this part of the project, but people like Andrea and Dietrich working the project, I’m sure these old “by the pound” phones will still be useful for the foreseeable future.

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