Cisco - 7962G - mutually exclusive paging and BLF


First post - hope it is in the right place.

I have a bunch of 7962G’s that I am attempting to deploy.

I have FreePBX with Asterisk 13.29.0 - patched with the call manager patches.
I have all the phones configured and working, with two lines, so I can enable paging.
The loads file is SIP42.9-4-2SR3-1S
This all works. (Auto answer works perfectly)

When I enable the BLF extensions on the server; from this page (I have a 7915 sidecar configured)

The phones stop attempting to register the second SIP line; and hence the paging functionality is not available.

I have been banging my head against a wall for about 2 days now.

Happy to post any config files, but the moment I add the cisco_usecallmanager=yes in sip_custom_post.conf my second line functionality stops working.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Where should I look next?

I’ve tried tweaking the confs - both the SEPMAC and the sip[*}.conf and I have narrowed it down to that one line.

tcpdump shows a little information, but I am not sure how to understand it. There is nothing obvious (going back to the phone) between a handshake with the cisco_usecallmanager=yes and no cisco_usecallmanager prior to the second register call from the phone.

I use [tcpdump -nqtttvv -s 0 -A “src host x.x.x.x and dst port 5160”

Any help is appreciated.


I have no direct experience with the 7962, but have deployed dozens of 7960 phones and have never run into this. I know the 7962 uses XML-based configuration files, but that’s about it as far as differences. The SIP firmware for these phones is far from impressive IMO.

While I haven’t run into your specific issue, I have encountered a few other small annoyances. From another user on here, I learned about a project that implements the SCCP protocol as an add-on for FreePBX. I wouldn’t call it a finished product - there are typos, missing help, etc - but from a purely functionality standpoint, it certainly allows you to interface Cisco phones using their native skinny protocol with FreePBX. (Frankly, this module was more like what I expected when I bought the third party phone support.) My plan is to deploy a few extensions using this module after other projects calm down a bit here and then evaluate how it works compared to the having the phones flashed to SIP.

Don’t know if you want to consider using it or not, or even if it’ll help solve your problem, but wanted to provide you the information. A link to the thread I posted with a bunch of info on this module is below.

Best of luck!


There are two add-ons to get these phones to work in Skinny mode. The Chan-SCCP-B package allows the phones to connect and be useful, the PhantomVI Manager allows you to manage them from the GUI.

The SCCP protocol is the way to go with these phones. You don’t need to mess with recompiling Asterisk, no patches, and the system just works. Follow the Wiki that I wrote for the channel driver and you can be up and running with your first phone in an hour. Adding the Manager module is similarly installable and allows you to manage the phones from the GUI rather than messing with the config files.

Having used both extensively, I’m not sure the GUI Manager is all that necessary. In my experience, once you install the Channel Driver and build the config files, there’s really nothing you need to do to the phones to keep them working.

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