BLF configuring on Cisco 79xx phone

I want to be able to configure the line keys for BLF functions. I can’t find the option in the EPM to configure that. Has any one succeeded on configuring BLF functions on these phones?

If I recall, There’s no way to setting up any BLF in SIP firmware on CISCO 7960/40… etc
The firmware doesn’t support the BLF. You can set only Line trough EPM. Indeed, you can’t set speed dial.
Or maybe I’m wrong. Test to set speed dial without select LINE.

To get any BLF feature you need to flash your devices in CISCO mode and use chan_skinny or chan_sccp. But no way to manage BLF through EPM under Skinny mode.

If you switch to Chan-SCCP-B from GitHub Interesting new success with Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP-Manager (both from GitHub) you would switch the provisioning of these phones to either using the sccp.conf files or use the SCCP-Manager (both of which are explained in the Wiki article I wrote for the Chan-SCCP-B Wiki). Managing the phones through the SCCP-Manager is kind of like using EPM, except that the phones are updated in real time.

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If there is another way to manage them under SCCP, then great. Good sound.

The phone is working well with the freepbx server. 7960 is a better suited phone on a reception desk. BLF function will make to phone much more functional. BTW, how do I get the chan_skinny software?

If my memory is good, chan_skinny is embeeded in Asterisk. Chan_sccp not. There’s a process to install it for avoid any conflicts between both drivers. They use port #2000 if i’m right!

Dietrich has been working with PhantomVI to update and improve the FreePBX SCCP-Manager module to get rid of the onesy-twosy bugs in the past few weeks. There are reasons why this isn’t part of FreePBX, but Dietrich and PhantomVI are doing an excellent job keeping the projects coordinated and working. I use both for every installation where I install Cisco phones.

It’s really pretty impressive to roll out a phone, change the options, and watch them change without every touching the phone or even rebooting it.

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Before that I work in Sangoma, I’ve had some Cisco 7960 and 40 at home under Elastix 2.5.
Now I replaced all Cisco phone with Sangoma phone :slight_smile:

Since you work for Sangoma now, I would expect nothing less.

What do you mean with I would expect nothing less.?

Ha yes. Replacing Cisco phones by Sangoma phones? Ye sure. That’s evident :smiley:
Also, I replaced Elastix 2.5 by FreePBX system. héhé :slight_smile:

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