Zend reset

I ran out of zend resets and am trying to move the deployment to a new box. I’ve contacted support and they have done a zend reset, but I still cannot activate on the new box. The only thing that changed was the relocation count incremented.

This is what the production machine says:

(No Zend Resets remaining)
This button will only remove the licence files from this machine. This deployment has met or exceeded its relocation count (4). If you need to move this machine to different hardware, you will need to contact support.

On the new box when I try activating with the same deployment I get this:

Activation Status: This deployment is already licensed to a different host. It needs to be unlinked through the portal.

Editing the deployment in the Sangoma portal I see this:

Hardware lock cannot be reset, maximum attempts reached

In the production system, do I have to ‘De-Activate’? If I do this all the commercial modules are disabled, which is not what I want. I would like to keep the old system going while I build the new one.


I’d start with the one from Preston, since he used to/works for Sangoma.

@cynjut, thanks for your response. I think the issue is that two instances of one deployment cannot coexist. There is no option to build a new system while keeping the old one running. Be nice if a week or two of overlap was allowed.

Anyway, creating a new deployment and buying licenses again.

That is absolutely true. It’s been a discussion point many times for people operating “warm” spares.

Your actual path is to follow the instructions above and deploy your new server with a new deployment ID, then move everything to your new server and go from there. You can transfer all of your licenses from one deployment to another (twice, IIRC) and this is the use-case for establishing a replacement server.

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