What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

XMPP centralized message archiving. along with ecarlseen suggestions.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) php commercial module


Build a wrapper to implement an API like Twilio into FreePBX, with hooks to use this as part of an IVR/decision tree.

The cost for on prim solutions is quite high. I would pay for a solution that helped me avoid the overhead of older systems like these.

Force HTTPS for everything admin and UCP (redirect http).

Let’sEncrypt support.

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We were actually a bit ahead of our time on this:

This could probably be adapted to new technologies but likely could be rewritten earlier. I think this would be prime for an open source module that others could contribute to. Using proper OOP you would only need to build the first and document. Others could then add on new services.

just my 2cents

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This already exists. Both the redirection and the Let’s Encrypt support.

So you’re doing it the proper way. A voicemail box is a voicemail box, you still need to be able to “Dial” it or send a call to it. That requires the dialplan.

The UCP already supports linked multiple extensions to a user thus allow them to all see this voicemail box. And you can already set multiple email addresses for the Voicemail Email setting.

While it would be nice, there are reproducible issues with some Yealink model phones and LetsEncrypt certs on FreePBX 14. I was troubleshooting with Yealink, but ran out of time to be their free tester (aka they wanted me to do everything).

I do not think all things redirect.

I bought 5 Yealink T46S.
Same problem, i cannot provision them with HTTPS.

If i upload the config to a debian Server and try to provision the phone with https and letsencrypt then everything works.
Hmm… dont know where the Problem is.


I would like better MP3 support. MP3 format has become mainstream and most every device can play them by default. I would like better integration of MP3 Format into the audio system of FreePBX. The recording the playback and IVR system.

I would especially like it in the Voicemail system as it would be easier to send good quality voicemails to peoples email or create some type of visual voicemail.

Thank you

Glenn Fonseca

What about the patents and royalties on MP3?

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Read your inbox. (-;

HI Thanks for your answer.

I am not sure what royalties and patents are left but from my understanding most have expired.


Here are my suggestions:

  1. Please add a white-list module. This module is critically needed to combat the scourge of spam calls. A description of how such a module would work can be found here:


I am willing to contribute $$ to get this to happen as an open-source official FreePBX module.

  1. Please release comprehensive, updated documentation at the same time that 15 is released. Ideally, it would be baked into the GUI. I’m willing to volunteer to write the documentation, but I need access to the devs so that I can ask questions and get answers to include in the documentation.

  2. Please don’t make GUI changes UNLESS they add functionality or increase the speed of configuration. Examples of changes to avoid are removing often-used shortcuts, changing free-form text entry fields into multiple, individual boxes or pull-downs, and adding additional tabs that must be navigated to reach certain fields. I’m sure that there others.

A basic test of changes that slow configureation: If it takes longer to change a setting after you’ve made the GUI change or it makes it take longer to set-up a brand new PBX, without adding a new feature, it’s bad.

An example of a GUI change that would speed-up configuration is the elimination of the tabs in the Trunks and outbound routes modules. The + and - also hinder configuration in that they hide configuration options and make them harder to find.

  1. The voicemail module also badly needs re-writing. I understand that Asterisk provides basic VM functionality in one of their modules, but you could re-write VM (if you wanted) using the same commands used to build an IVR and make it much better than what Asterisk provides.
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  1. Google Voice integration
  2. An easier, yet dependable, way to take a Sangoma phone out of the box and use it. I have yet to have it work the way it’s supposed to work. Even support has struggled to get them to work on my system and I have a pretty basic out-of-the-box system purchased from Sangoma.
  3. The option to have an email sent to a user when their phone extension isn’t available. Again on the Sangoma phones we have users who’s phones vanish from Endpoint Manager/Extension Mapping, and the end user isn’t aware they have no phone. We’ve had people go all day and not know they aren’t getting phone calls.
  4. User Management versus extension management still confuses me. On a phone system it seems like those should be one in the same. I don’t do phones for a living so maybe it’s me, but I don’t understand why they aren’t the same thing.
  5. Some sort of robo call filter or spoofed call filter. I know, may not be possible but I thought I"d throw it out there and let smarter people decide if it’s possible.
  6. A better UCP. Something more similar to the FOP2 panel.
  7. A simpler way to determine what calls are being recorded, and which ones aren’t. Having confidential calls discovered on someone else’s call reports can be devastating. I think the current system allows for control but it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s ultimately happening.

I’d like to stress that these are just wish list items. I really appreciate all the hard work that is done on this project by people way smarter than I am. I don’t want to seem ungrateful because I’m not.

I said it once, but I really hope Sangoma will get this into FreePBX 15:

FreePBX is being installed from small 1-5 user offices to large orgs with 500-1000 + users.

One thing which is really missing, is proper reporting. We keep on getting lots of requests for it.

There is Q-Xact reports, but it isn’t really the “get me an easy report which I can generate without needing your guidance” which all bosses are actually looking for. Also, this is only for queues, not for the entire PBX.

So I really hope that Sangoma will surprise us with a proper reporting solution which will include data from each extension’s incoming & outgoing calls (internal & external), call duration, missed calls, being able to group a few extensions together such as ‘Sales Department’ and see their data. You know what I mean…

Yes, I’m aware you can see all details in CDR, but again, it’s not user friendly and you really have to understand what you are looking at.

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Try to relate the asteriskcdrdb database to queuelog using Power BI, I believe you will be able to create your own reports

The ability to easily download system recordings

An easier way to download the zipped call recordings (other than going root level)

You can always build your own stuff, however, I’m referring to a supported paid user friendly solution from Sangoma/FreePBX.