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What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

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XMPP centralized message archiving. along with ecarlseen suggestions.


Automatic speech recognition (ASR) php commercial module

Build a wrapper to implement an API like Twilio into FreePBX, with hooks to use this as part of an IVR/decision tree.

The cost for on prim solutions is quite high. I would pay for a solution that helped me avoid the overhead of older systems like these.

(Mike Waldron) #268

Force HTTPS for everything admin and UCP (redirect http).

Let’sEncrypt support.

(TheJames) #269

We were actually a bit ahead of our time on this:

This could probably be adapted to new technologies but likely could be rewritten earlier. I think this would be prime for an open source module that others could contribute to. Using proper OOP you would only need to build the first and document. Others could then add on new services.

just my 2cents

(Tom Ray) #270

This already exists. Both the redirection and the Let’s Encrypt support.

(Tom Ray) #271

So you’re doing it the proper way. A voicemail box is a voicemail box, you still need to be able to “Dial” it or send a call to it. That requires the dialplan.

The UCP already supports linked multiple extensions to a user thus allow them to all see this voicemail box. And you can already set multiple email addresses for the Voicemail Email setting.

(Jared Busch) #272

While it would be nice, there are reproducible issues with some Yealink model phones and LetsEncrypt certs on FreePBX 14. I was troubleshooting with Yealink, but ran out of time to be their free tester (aka they wanted me to do everything).

(Jared Busch) #273

I do not think all things redirect.