What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

This would be a asterisk feature. We have no control over that.

A shared line appearance (bridge line appearance, etc.) commercial module.

  • Something that lets a call appearance, that has already been answered be barged in on by another endpoint.

  • If the original endpoint hangs up, the call remains, with the barging endpoint becoming the new owner of the call.

  • Include functionality that allows Sangoma and ZULU phones see the bridged appearance usage state (in use/idle) via BLF.

This comes up every commercial deployment, and would be so easy to bolt-on to a quote if there was a commercial module to upsell. Call park has its place, but there are genuine use cases I see every time it gets brought up.

This also deepens the uniqueness of the FreePBX/PBXact product, making it a more compelling solution.

I want to make voicemail boxes that are not attached to actual phones. I want to make more than one and use them as Destinations in routing calls. Then multiple people should be able to login from their ucp accounts and see the same general voicemail box. With this need the ability to have multiple email addresses receiving the emails with voice messages attached.

Currently I have to make Extensions just to have a general use voicemail box.

The ability to share the same FAX number with the several or all users.

I made a virtual extension for the Fax (which doesn’t use the voicemail feature, would be nice to have special “FAX Virtual SIP Device” option in the create new extension, also)

Right now everyone has to share the same ucp account to login and see incoming and to send out faxes.
Using the same virtual FAX device and FAX number:

  1. Make it possible for all users in a group to send out faxes from their own private ucp login and see a history of sent faxes but not allowed to see sent faxes from other users.

  2. A way for all fax users to see the incoming faxes and copy to their own account for long-term archiving/downloading. I don’t know how it could be done with just one FAX number but the ultimate goal of each user only seeing the incoming FAXes they are expecting.

SMS Queueing, as well as being able to send an alert/email to all logged in users in regular queues.

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All of this exist today already. Create virtual extension. In user man under UCP tab share that voicemail box with your group or users.

I don’t follow what you are trying to do here with faxing. Sorry trying but I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish.

I would like to see Shared Call Appearances. I know that parking may be used to stimulate it, but I can’t even get the light to blink network wide when the device state is ONHOLD. Also, perhaps a way to set parking spot BLF device state to ONHOLD or RINGING instead of IN USE.

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Are you talking about SLA? Shared Line Appearances? Or something different?

Yes, that would be great. The thing about VoIP is that with SIP you have multiple channels, so it’d be difficult to display all active calls. I know that Asterisk has SLA for the dialplan but there’s no graphical integration in the FPBX interface. My AASTRA sets support Broadcom and BLA so either would work.

Actually, it’d be closer to being able to barge, except for per call and not per extension as well as Chanspy not terminating when the originator leaves the line. I’m new to the boards but have a telecom background, so please be gentle. :slight_smile:

Asterisk has had a hack of “SLA” support since 1.4 but it only works with app_meetme (app_meetme is deprecated in favor of app_confbridge). Furthermore the SLA implementation is not maintained and CallerID doesnt even work on it. For those curious you can checkout http://www.asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edition/asterisk-book-html-chunk/SLA.html

However FreePBX will never support SLA in that implementation. For those more curious people should be checking out Asterisk ARI and the power it has to write dialplan applications in any language of your choice, ruby, python, perl, php, nodejs… the list goes on.

Yes, you are talking about the classic key system feature of “Shared Line Appearances/Bridged Line Appearances”

We’ve had numerous requests in here for it and it’s something on our product management roadmap (written utilizing ARI) to review. We have code internally for this, it works. I’ve talked about it a few times in the past.


Surprisingly, this comes up every time during deployments. Its not a deal breaker with park-like options, but it always seems like a letdown to the clients.

I appreciate that park/unpark is not that hard, but when it comes to the phone, the tool, the simpler we can make it the easier it is for users to focus on other more important tasks. Being able to just barge/pickup a SLA is easier than answer, park, tell them about the park, have them pick up the park, etc.

I know you guys are really busy with many tasks, but I hope you are able to fit it in to the product soon. As a commercial module, this one would be a pretty easy sell to clients.

Explaining more:

I have one fax number for my whole office. Right now there is no privacy use of the virtual FAX with the Fax Pro Module.

I have to have one user called FAX and then give everyone in the office the information to login to the UCP as user FAX to send and receive faxes. There is no way I know to

  1. simply add the FAX interface to other users login. Every user has their own phone. I want to add the access to send faxed in their user account. Not tell them to login separately to get to FAXing.

  2. If they could see the FAX system the UCP interface in their own UCP login then a step up would be private sending of FAXes. So the rest of the office does not see a history of sent faxes that they did not sent out.

  3. Then the ultimate is using a single fax number somehow provide a way to privately receive faxes to the right users UCP account/email address. Right now anyone can see everyone’s incoming faxes because it’s all the same UCP login -FAX.

Why is there two speeddial sections?

Asterisk Phonebook and also in Contact Manager. For some reason the Contact Manager List Speeddials is blank while I definitely have them in my Asterisk Phonebook


Yesss! some Interactive click though ability to see from SIP trunk to phone voicemail or other final destination. Showing all the IVRs and their options and what happens when a caller chooses a path. Awesome for troubleshooting bad destinations or other odd things like calling loops. Please do include the time conditions
and groups. Maybe allow to simulate a time of day or week so we can see how the call flow options change.

They aren’t linked.

Be able to upgrade from AsteriskNow. It failed the SGN7 part and FreePbx 14 can’t import the backup.

The ability to control all time condition FCs at one time and not individually. If a customer has 49 time conditions, yes its an office setting with clients, the admin should be able to control all time condition FCs at once. Not have to hit a button for each one.

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