What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

Let users create custom pjsip transports from the GUI.
Including custom port, protocol and external signalling and media addresses.

Yes… FOP2 is re-written in HTML5, not flash. We use it here.
FOP2 is a separate project…and not part of FreePBX.

How would you then differentiate who a fax goes to?

Have you looked at Hylafax and the Hylafax+ desktop client?

The issue is this; how would you identify the fax? We receive thousands of pages of faxes here every week. Some without cover pages, some with hand-written cover pages; there’s no way to automatically identify them. Even if you had embedded OCR, often times we have to look at the context of a fax to know where it goes.

A solution would be to have different fax numbers; you can then associate that incoming DID with an email address, and faxes sent to that number go to that email.

Sorry… there will never be a way to “auto-sort” faxes that come to a single number. It’s just not possible.


What about an indication on the dashboard that shows if the VPN is active or down.

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Oh no…

:slight_smile: I think the problems with PJSIP are a combination of “fear of change”, very very old versions, difficulty understanding how to configure. We use PJSIP and have a DECT extension, desk phone and mobile client all registered at the same time… works great!

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Honestly, you’d be better off using something like Spiceworks or Nagios to monitor all that stuff.
You could monitor not only your VPN (by pinging the far end), but also the status of the system, switch, etc. etc.

I used Nagios for years to monitor the wifi at hotels I did networking for. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for your input! We have compiled a gigantic excel sheet of the features you have requested to add into future releases.

For more information see how blog post about 15!

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