[SOLVED] Incoming calls (caller gets no ringing) (if going to a ring group)

Any tips for fixing this?

FPBX has a SIP trunk (working) …
Incoming calls are set to be answered by a ring group (with about 18 endpoints)

The calling party gets NO ringing sound when calling in.
**All 18 endpoints ring: but can only answer if they answer on the 1st ring only

Then: using module admin;
We updated the ring group module to:

Before the update:
incoming calls: caller heard no ringing
endpoints: If they did not answer on the 1st ring: they could not pickup the calls (only if they got the incoming call on its 1st ring)

After the update:
incoming calls: caller hears no ringing
endpoints: They are ringing and can now answer on any ring
NOTE: the upgrade to ring group module: fixed this …

Also (just to test and see):

If we do not use a ring group for the destination
incoming calls: caller hears the ringing sound
endpoints: delivering to a single extension (they can pickup on any of the rings)

So, for some reason: if we deliver to a ring group: the calling party does not hear any ringing while they call into the PBX (even from a cell phone).

Thanks for your tips.

To solve:
Update all modules using module admin
For the ring group:
Set to NO: the option for: Send Progress

The default option was: YES

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