External caller hears no ringing when making a call in

I’m running into an issue where an external caller makes a call to our system and they hear no ringing, just silence until someone picks up the phone.

All incoming calls are directed to Ring Groups rather than one specific extension. No IVR is in use.

I have tried the suggestions mentioned here:

Basically, turning off Send Progress in each Ring Group.

Did not work.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

For the INBOUND ROUTE: if you set this to go-to (directly) an extension: you’ll probably see the individual phone will ring.

To fix:
Set the advanced option for the inbound route to: send progress (YES) (default is NO) … and have the DELAY option changed from blank to: 4

If you set the inbound route to a ring group after this, both sides will probably hear ringing at this point.

This will add a 4 second delay.

I’d first look at the logs (debug enabled) and see if Asterisk responds with 180.

Send Progress is set in Ring Groups. For advanced options on inbound routes there is no send progress, just Signal Ringing. I do not see a delay option anywhere

For the inbound route:
Set Signal Ringing to YES (default is no)
Set Delay to 4 (default is blank)

If you want, yes, for options of the ring group: set send progress to YES.

Try these settings, and I’m thinking your inbound calls will then ring.

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