Remove + from caller ID

Currently I have caller ID coming in as +14445551212 <-- example caller id. What I am trying to figure out is how to remove the + from the front of the caller ID. Any help would be great, this is a pain because when I call someone back I have to remove the + or I have to write the number down and dial it again. I just would like to have the + removed. Thanks again for any help.

There is a built in context in FreePBX specifically for this purpose. It will actually strip the +1 from incoming calls, so you may have to adjust your outbound routes to accept 10 digit dialing.

; from-pstn-e164-us: ; ; The context is designed for providers who send calls in e164 format and is ; biased towards NPA calls, callerid and dialing rules. It will do the following: ; ; DIDs in an NPA e164 format of +1NXXNXXXXXX will be converted to 10 digit DIDs
Set the context of the problem trunk to ‘from-pstn-e164-us’ (without quotes)

I guess my question is how do i fix it so there is no +. I need to get rid of the +. Any insight on how to do that?

In your trunk, where all the setting are for your SIP provider, you will see


Put a semi colon ; in front of that, (A remark) and add


Save and reload. Should do it.



I have “context=from-trunk” in the peer details as well as the user details so which do I change? Is below the correct way that you are talking about?


This should not be in the User Details and rarely is there anything in the User Details. So ensure this is in the PEER Details…

Delete the line OR place a semi colon IN FRONT OF, context=from-trunk (not yelling, just bolding), then add context=from-pstn-e164-us in Peer Details only.

It should look like:

;context=from-trunk …or delete this line.

Do not remark, (add a semi colon ; in front of) any other line or delete/remove any other line/lines.

I always rem my lines in case I need/want to change back. Esp if I forget what I want to do!

Thats awesome it works great thanks alot!