Maintain Local Caller Name as per Mobile

hi guys,

Is there any way that we can save numbers to specific name and when call comes in they will appear with the saved name.
It’s like we do in mobile phones, save number with their specific name and when call comes in it will show the saved name.


Is there anyone to help me in this?

Asterisk Phonebook will do this. If there is a matching number in the phonebook it will replace the Caller ID name with the name you have entered in the phonebook. Remember to turn on Superfecta lookup on your inbound routes. The Asterisk Phonebook will not be referenced if you do not have Superfecta turned on.

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I have enabled Caller ID Superfecta for Asterisk phonebook and add a number in the phonebook but when call comes in from that number it appears the same.

no effect nothing .

That shouldn’t be the case.

  • What version of FreePBX/Asterisk?
  • Are you sure the number coming in is exactly matching the phonebook (no 1, +, or extra digits)?
  • What to do the logs say?
  • Are there any caller ID overrides setup in the call treatment?
  • When you say, “I have enabled Caller ID Superfecta for Asterisk phonebook…”, you mean that you’ve enabled the Superfecta option (yes) on the “Other” tab of the inbound route, right?

We use this quite successfully, very frequently. If everything else is lining up, I would say look at the log of a call and see what’s happening to the callerID. That will tell you what really happening.

number is coming with +1 but there is no option to add number with +1.

This might be the case. But I enabled the Caller ID Superfecta option in the inbound route as well but same result.

Well Asterisk version 11 is used with freepbx 2.11

That’s the problem then, the number coming in doesn’t match. If you search, there are lots of forum post that deal with + removal.

There are more, if you search.

ok do you think that will sort out the issue .

Its directionally correct. If the inbound CID and the phonebook entry number do not match exactly, you will never be able to use the phonebook/superfecta to change the caller name. I am not aware if there are subsequent issues in your plan that are also causing issues.

I can tell you that on our boxes (FreePBX/Asterisk 13+), when I set the superfecta to yes on my inbound route and I have a matching number in the phonebook, FreePBX/Asterisk will change the CID name to match the phonebook.


It’s working fine now. I have figured it out.

Thanks for your help guys.

Really appreciate this.

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done. Thanks :slight_smile:

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