Incoming CID includes +

Using the latest FreePBX install.
Using CID Superfecta for caller ID, what is happening is incoming calls on a users phone is including the + (+1NXXNXXX) infront of the number. So when a user goes back to dial from their call history on the phone it says “NOT FOUND”.

On the CID Superfecta I am using OpenCNAM for CID as well as I am getting CID from our Trunk provider. What is the easiest way to perhaps have the system ignore the + when a call is going back out.

How do I do this?

Ok on the Outgoing
here is what I have.

On the incoming here is what I have.

Where would I put that?

So should look like this?


Ok that didnt work.

Ok got this to actually work.

In Connectivity > Outbound Routes > Dial Patterns

Added this as a dial pattern : +1NXXNXXXXXX

I think why this worked this way, was although what you presented may strip it off the trunk coming in. CID Superfecta was adding it back to the CID value on the devices.