FATAL ERROR DB Error: connect failed

Hello, how are you?. See, I had my asterisk running over Centos 5, and this was working fine until yesterday. It happens that I realized this last Tuesday I had my /var/ over 95%, and did not remember where was my route to clean.

I just decided to clean this amount of old backups yesterday Thursday and showed 100% (like 35GB), now is about 7%, and when trying to log into my FREE PBX by GUI, there was this message “FATAL ERROR DB Error: connect failed”; I have learned that this might happen because of the /var/ folder was full and the MYSQLD service was not running, and indeed was not. I have managed to run the service and checked by “service mysqld status” showed OK, then realized that apache was turned down because the HTTPD service was not running, I have also managed to run by checking status and showed OK. Then went again to try log into my FREE PBX, and still the same message “FATAL ERROR DB Error: connect failed”, I must say I was not trying to change any passwords, as I have seen in many forums users trying to do this and the message popped to them. Did not try any updates as well.

What can I do?, I thought it might be fixed by having these two services running up.

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure what you deleted, but if you didn’t delete crucial data, then simply reboot your PBX, and all services should start.

Also, your PBX seems to be very outdated, consider upgrading

Hello. I just rebooted my asterisk server and did not fix issue. How do I reboot my FREE PBX?, by CLI?, and how do I do this then?, since I am not able to lo into my FREE PBX via web GUI. I don’t want to upgrade since seem to be working fine until now.

I am not sure I follow. Do you have 2 separate server’s?

No, I have one server which runs asterisk FREE PBX 5.211.65 over Centos 5. FREE PBX I admin trough GUI web interface. Just that.

So did you reboot the machine, or only restarted Asterisk?

Of course I have rebooted the machine, and also, the services mysqld and httpd were not running, and I had to fix them and now they are properly running, besides I’ve restarted service asterisk as well.

What more can I do?

From this line it sounded like you have to separate servers.

Does it give you any errors now?

When trying to log into FREE PBX web GUI, it still shows the error.

What’s the error you are getting? Can you post a screenshot?

Screen shot is below

See if the suggestions mentioned here helps you.

In /var/log/httpd/error_log I am having these errors

[error] [client XXX.XX.XX.XX] File does not exist: /var/www/html/favicon.ico, referer: http://XXX.XX.XX.XXX/

[error] [client XXX.XX.XX.XX] File does not exist: /var/www/html/panel/background.jpg, referer: http://XXX.XX.XX.XXX/panel/

[error] [client XXX.XX.XX.XX] File does not exist: /var/www/html/panel/help_es.html, referer: [http://XXX.XX.XX.XXX/panel/]http://xxx.xx.xx.xxx/panel/

Where the first IP is my PC’s and the second IP is from my asterisk server. Is it causing my error?

This is a very old Elastix system. It is not a FreePBX system

I just can’t access to third option…

Is there an issue that I don’t have a freepbx.conf file over /etc/ or /etc/asterisk?

Is there an issue that I don’t have a freepbx.conf file over /etc/ or /etc/asterisk to compare data from amportal.conf file?