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FATAL ERROR DB Error: connect failed

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Is there an issue that I don’t have a freepbx.conf file over /etc/ or /etc/asterisk to compare data from amportal.conf file?..


Every part of your webserver exists in /var/www/html

FreePBX should be in …/admin there

If that is broken, you should likely accept that your elastic system is terminally broken, do everything you can to preserve it’s current state so you can cut and paste . But don’t expect too many people to help you revive a long dead system past what you have been given already.

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I am not doing web administration over elastix, it is freepbx. So, if my freepbx.conf file is over /var/www/html/admin, should I copy to /etc/ or /etc/asterisk ?

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Still waiting for a reply, please.


If I was you, I would just come to terms with the need to replace your system. I haven’t seen such a system for many many years.

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Believe me, I am thinking about it.

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You can try using the conversation tool to migrate

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By the way, is there any chance for me to restore my free pbx web admin from back ups files on /var/asterisk/backups/BCK?. I really would like to know

(Itzik) #32

Sorry. I don’t know…
The version you are running is from before my times…

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I’d asterisk 5.211.65, not too old, it is from 2013


Probably not, the old elastix backup was full of all sorts of overrides in /etc and /etc/asterisk and the FreePBX one was not compatible with the elastix web root.

But you could try, your buildings already burning down , you gotta jump sooner or later

You would have to ask in their forum. (but that’s not so easy :wink: )

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