CID Superfecta and Google Contacts: Authorization Error

I was trying to configure the GoogleContacts function inside CID Superfecta, but I’ve encountered an error with the authentication process with my Google Account.

This app has not yet been verified by Google and therefore cannot use the Sign in with Google feature.

I have also found out aninteresting topic where the same error is mentioned and the user @jamesg224 reports a successful authentication with his google account where the 2FA is enabled.

I have tried - as per usual - generating an “app-specific password” but still the authentication fails with the aforementioned error.

Also, in the same topic mentioned above, I found a possible explanation for “enabling untrusted apps” but that only applies to GSuite Admin accounts.

If possible, I would like to know how to correctly connect CID Superfecta with a Google Account (not a GSuite Account) where the 2FA is enabled.

Thanks in advance for your help.

(while trying to do so, I have also verified that the information reported here is incorrect for CID Superfecta v.; trying to reset ClientID and ClientSecret to those values lead to an “app not found” error from Google at the sign-in/auth stage).

I can confirm i am now having issues when i create a new superfecta, but the old authorisation is still working. Have you tried disabling 2fa, enabing less secure apps and then authorising freepbx. Then you could re-enable 2fa on your account and see if the pbx retains authorisation?

If the screenshot in the other thread you posted is what you see,
(linked below)


Click advanced and there should be a prompt to bypass

Thanks a lot @jamesg224 for your attention.

I just finished trying the procedure you suggested (2FA Disabled and Less Secure Apps Enabled) but unfortunately the authorization still fails. The error message remains the same.

Thanks for the tip @cogenyk, the error message displayed is actually a bit different: my apologies for not clarifying. The error title is “Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app” and there is no button below. I have attached a screenshot below.

Thanks for trying that out. I wasn’t sure if it would work but worth a try given my previous authorisations are still valid. I am seeing the same error as @neomod. My screenshot looks exactly the same. Maybe we should report a bug with the module?

@NeoMod @jamesg224 I’ll try and see if I can play around on my end, I’ll let you know.

It took me ages to try and get this working all because I over thought it!

(and yes I have 2FA enabled)

Simply go into Superfecta, and enable the Google Contacts, the click on the spanner; then enter your google ID ([email protected]) and then follow the instructions that are presented to you. (to the letter), and it “just works”.

Don’t over-think it.

You will have to approve in google that its not approved/signed (or whatever) but this is a simple “yes I’m sure” click through.

In hindsight I wish when I got it working I’d properly documented it (sorry).

Thank you for the update but error message I am receiving does not allow a click through for some reason.

Thank you for the walk trough, although as already mentioned by James the error prevents any sort of “click through” or ignore action. (you can see the screenshot above that the prompt has changed now: there is just the error message with no button)

OK, here is my best shot at getting you working; I would suggest using a Chrome Browser, logged in with the same account that you are trying to sync to maximise your chance of success!

HowTo add the GoogleContacts lookup to the CID Superfecta

This looks really complicated, but it is not:
Note: If you have messed around and changed the Client ID and Client Secret; then reset them as follows:

The process as as follows:

  1. Enter your normal Google ID
    ** That’s it – do not enter anything else!!! **
  2. Hit [Save]
  3. Now go to the top of the schema screen and click on [Debug/Test Run Scheme]
  4. Enter a phone number in your Google contacts
  5. Scroll through the debug output: You will get and error for Google, but also a link to click to authorise
  6. Follow the standard Google prompts [for OAUTH] to authroise access to your contacts.

Finally you will get to “Sign In” and “Please copy this code, switch to your application and paste it there:”

Copy this code (use the copy Icon if one is presented).
7. Go back to configure Google Contacts in FreePBX – paste this Code into the “Google Code” box
8. Hit [Save]
9. Now run debug again and it should work fine!


Thank you for the tip, but I have already tried that method and - as of yesterday evening - Google was throwing an “OAuth App Error” when using those credentials.

I tried again before writing this, just to be sure, and now the error is the same as the one reported above: “Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app”.

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