Guide to adding Google Contacts lookup to the CID Superfecta

How To add the Google Contacts lookup to the CID Superfecta

This looks really complicated, but it is not - I was really confused by the number of boxes and what to fill in, and then how to get that information from Google - in fact you do not need any of that!

Note: If you have messed around and changed the Client ID and Client Secret; then reset them as follows:

Process as follows:

  1. Enter your normal Google ID ** That’s it – do not enter anything else!!! **
  2. Hit [Save]
  3. Now go to the top of the schema screen and click on [Debug/Test Run Scheme]
  4. Enter a phone number in your Google contacts
  5. Scroll through the debug output: You will get and error for Google, but also a link to click to authorise
  6. Follow the standard Google prompts [for OAUTH] to authroise access to your contacts.
  7. Finally you will get to “Sign In” and “Please copy this code, switch to your application and paste it there:”
  8. Copy this code (use the copy Icon if one is presented).
  9. Go back to configure Google Contacts in FreePBX – paste this Code into the “Google Code” box
  10. Hit [Save]
  11. Now run debug again and it should work fine!
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