CID Superfecta authorization for Google Contacts not working

I’ve followed the instructions in this thread to configure Google Contacts as a source for CID Superfecta. However, Google throws an OAuth authentication error:

There is no option to click through. Is there a solution?


Just guessing here, is this relevant?

It’s not been working for a while, I reported it on the issue tracker back in June last year, but there’s not been any movement unfortunately.

Best solution is to never rely on Google for anything.

Use tools from them when you want, but be very aware that things get killed all the time.

I think its over 2 years since I tried setting this up with the same result, so it doesn’t look like it will be working any time soon?

Indeed, based on the link posted above by @jamesg224, it doesn’t seem this will work again anytime soon… or ever. Unless someone at Sangoma is willing to take over from the original developer and comply with Google’s requirements to authorize the app.

As an alternative, I can sync my Google Contacts to my Synology NAS and serve them locally on my LAN to FreePBX using CardDav, but the CID Superfecta module doesn’t seem to support the CardDav protocol so I’m stuck again.

This is the least insurmountable problem with your accurate list of problems. The Google thing is a complete non-starter. Everything after that is just technology cooperation, and all of the pieces are open source. In fact, there’s an ongoing thread about CardDAV that might ne the right place to go to see what’s up and perhaps start a new thread about making your thing happen…

It would be good if there was a simple way to either import the “contacts.csv” google contacts file into the Asterisk Phonebook or have a way to store the “contacts.csv” file on the FPBX server and have a CID Superfecta lookup against it?

Do you mean this one? Looks cool! And it generates an XML phonebook for the phones, too. I’ll check it out.


It’s not overly difficult for anyone with a bit of php knowledge to create a Superfecta module. Code is in


You can use one of the existing sources as a template and create a source that supports CarDAV.

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