Where is the encryption setting gone to

I just noticed that the encryption selector seems to have disappeared from my version of the device application in FreePBX-12.0.40. Am I losing my eyesight? Where is it found? I am certain that it used to be there because I am in the process of getting encryption set up for our soft phones and have been changing that setting repeatedly in recent days.

“Enable Encryption” is a chan sip only setting and you will only see it after you have created the device.

But it is a chan sip device. Please see the attached screen shot of a representative page device
(zoomed out to show as much as possible)

I see it on my system along with several other options you are missing. Specifically you are missing:

Enable AVPF
Force AVP
Enable ICE Support
Enable Encryption

This can happen when FreePBX has no idea what your Asterisk version is so it defaults to the lowest supported. I suggest you run “amportal a r”

I am sorry if I am not making myself clear. I have no doubt that the items listed are missing. The question is: Where did they go? They are there sometimes. And sometimes they are not. And this is occurring on the same FreePBX server using the same workstation connecting through the same browser and within the same FreePBX management console session.

It does not happen frequently, but it does happen. And it persists for some time when it does. I cannot simply exit the device application and immediately return to get the proper display.

(By the way. I cannot get the chan_sip advanced settings page to apply changes. It always times out. The database seems to be updated but the actual changes to asterisk to not seem to take effect. I do not see this behaviour on any other page.)

At one point it seemed to me that this was related to trying to apply an update involving extra fields added on the chan_sip advanced settings. But I was unable to reliably cause the behaviour to surface by applying changes. Sometimes applying a change seemed to correct the problem. At other times applying a change seemed to create the problem.

In any case, presumably the management console session knows what asterisk version it had before one applies configuration changes. Why does it forget?

I already answered your questions as to “where did they go”.

The management console has nothing to do with anything. The Asterisk version is retrieved upon a reload and stored. Thats the only time it changes. If it’s blank then reloads will fail.

Don’t apply changes on the chan sip page. Do it somewhere else.