Enable ICE Support setting disappeared!

Enable ICE Support setting is not visible in the new or edit extensions page. When I bulk dump, the existing extensions that had it enabled still have it set to yes but any new extensions have an empty value.

Anyone have any idea why? I have been able to get around this for now my manually making POST requests to generate extensions by sending devinfo_icesupport=yes but it would be nice to get it to show up in the UI again. Is it related to a module that is disabled or uninstalled? I am 100% up to date. Here is a screenshot:

I read this thread but it looks like this is a different issue since all the fields show except this one in the UI

You must use an asterisk version 13.15+

Why? Everything works just fine when sent manually via POST and the field shows up in the Bulk Export. Some of the previously created extensions had this as yes and that is how we figured out the issue with our webrtc. We updated the extensions by sending this field as yes, apply config and everything works perfectly.

Because that is the only version of asterisk where webrtc will work correctly after August.

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Ah. I guess I am not paying enough attention to what is happening in Aug. Do you have a link?

I am going to run “asterisk-version-switch” on our backup server and see how that goes.

that worked great!

is this what your’re referring to?