Inbound route question

Hi there,

Well it works, BUT, if I set the destination for an inbound route this group with external numbers, it doesn’t work, especially if the inbound route is from a ip trunk.


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A few common problems:

  • The numbers in the group that are cell phones or external PSTN numbers are not terminated with ‘#’.
  • The phones at the remote end “sieze” the line early (for FAX detection, for example) and mark the call as “answered” even though it wasn’t.
  • There are firewall/NAT problems.

Hi Dave,

fw/nat isn’t.
well, if i try the group with the external numbers (no matter if they are mobile or land line, they’re going out via the same route) without the ‘#’, doesn’t work aswell.
I’m out of ideas :frowning:

Am I correct in assuming that it works to call those numbers from an internal extension?

What happens when it fails? You said that it especially doesn’t work with an IP trunk, does it sometimes work from another type of trunk?

Yep, you’re assuming it right, works from any internal extension.

Well, no matter the type of the inbound trunk, even on another type like ISDN, an inbound route (of an ISDN trunk) to a group destination with these two numbers fails,

Logs are required at this point.

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