What would you like to see added in FreePBX 15?

Can we get the beta version of the mobile client somewhere?

Not at this time. However I highly encourage you to play with the public beta of Zulu 3 on the desktop (which requires the latest Zulu module for FreePBX which is available in the EDGE repo and the alpha client available on zulu-updated.sangoma.com) to get an idea of what’s coming. As more information is available regarding our mobile release we will definitely let everyone know.

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Sorry. It will require a license on the server side.

The enterprise phones used to have separate firmware for Cisco call manger and regular sip mode. Regular sip mode was awful. Haven’t touched a Cisco phone in years because they are absolutely terrible (or were) if you weren’t using CCM. If you’ve got CCM then those phones are great

They would. But it doesn’t matter. Use whatever works for you.

I second this! I did a 50 user setup the other day…and enabled Tour Mode, nobody used it so I had to configure 50 UCPs myself and now everybody is happy

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A stripped-down version of Inbound Routes on a Per DID basis, that could be integrated into UCP (Admin) that would work like this:
Normal Routing >>>> Yes (Radio Button) - If “No” then…
Change Routing>>>>>Input Field (User inputs Destination Number)
Save and send Email Confirmation to designated Email.
Why? Primarily for Hosted Systems so customers can modify where their numbers go in an emergency without calling in to my office

If you typed in ‘sip client for android phones’ you would get a lot of responses, zoiper and linphone are between them multiprotocol, multi account, both license free and unencumberred and and both integrate seemlessly into your android’s native dialing,

The issue with that is it requires a FreePBX reload to change that and everything we do in UCP we do with no reloads to Asterisk. You never want to let end users just modify and reload diaplan.

I’ve tested linphone and it crashed multiple times on my Droid Turbo so I gave up on it. Could be hardware-specific I don’t know. Zoiper is not free for commercial use and my own use is commercial so I naturally started by testing the free stuff first. Since csipsimple worked for me I stopped testing. If it hadn’t then I would have tested Zoiper.
I’ve read the Sangoma webpage on Zulu and I and none of my customers would use 90% of the features in it, otherwise I’m sure it’s great, but I am not in that market.
Much of the “phone system” market out there seems aimed at midsized to large, or to the kinds of companies who are currently wasting my time calling my cell phone trying to scam me with junk calls. But, I don’t sell to those customers because I am not marketing to that size business. You see once a business gets past maybe 40 head, IT and phone system companies come out of the woodwork every time a new system initiative is done. Those companies muddy the water and I would rather let 3 different “phone system” companies battle it out with each other over the fish in that pool.
I market to the under 15 head companies who are more price sensitive. With something like FreePBX I can go into one of those and lay out a 20 extension asterisk-based system with a trade-in credit on their old system. They end up with a modern VoIP system (modern compared to the 20 year old digital phone system they were using) that has a nice voicemail on it and a bit of capability to run an IVR and I take their old system and Ebay it off to pay for the “credit” and what I have just successfully done there was turned the phone system into an “IT” thing, instead of a “phone guy” thing in their minds. This is basically protecting my IT turf because if I let them go to “a phone guy” well a lot of times those phone guys want to do IT too. I don’t want a competitor in my customer. I cannot prevent it if they initiate contact to a competitor but I’m sure not going to refer them to one for a phone system that I could supply with FreePBX.
As for the Cisco debate it seems like every time the “C” word comes up in networking people either love their stuff or hate it. Well I’ve used their gear for years and I’ll tell anyone that the only way to really know with their product is to get it and try it. I didn’t test with any of their phones because I got Polycom stuff quicker and cheaper and it works great. Now I wish I had gotten some sample instruments and tested them. But in any case just to clarify with Cisco, if you go to their website and look at it you will see that all the SPA phones are gone, the older enterprise 7900 series are being de-emphasized, and they are moving to a single one-size-fits-all line of instruments, the 6800, 7800 and 8800 devices sold either with a multiplatform firmware load that will either speak SIP or SPCP depending on how it’s booted up and is specifically aimed at 3rd party softPBXes, or with the UCaaS/enterprise/skinny firmware. The multiprotocol devices (which can be distinguished by the 3PCC in their part number) were just released less than 9 months ago and specifically list asterisk compatibility, look at their datasheets. I just didn’t test one because I didn’t feel like throwing $250 at a phone. But I very much doubt they are as bad as a SIP-loaded 7900 series from years ago or an antique Cisco SPA 900 series.

That’s not how Do Not Disturb works. First, almost all IP phones have a Do Not Disturb softkey enabled on them “out of the box”. That DND key will put the entire phone in DND mode regardless of how many SIP accounts are on it. When a incoming call hits the phone DND causes a 486/480 SIP Reply showing the phone BUSY.

The FreePBX Do Not Disturb via Feature Codes/UCP changes the State of the extension to BUSY so the system doesn’t dial the extension and treats the extension as BUSY because that’s how it would end up being treated if the phone was in DND mode directly.

DND doesn’t care if the phone makes outbound calls, DND stops the phone from receiving inbound calls. It is meant to tell others “I’m not taking calls now”

As for what the actual device shows for the various status or modes, that’s up to the maker of the device. There are no settings that will make a LED/button on a phone blink or not blink in a specific setting.

This is true for us about 1/3 of the time they want fax. The other 1/3 of the time its because they know other people send them info via fax and they need to receive it. The other 1/3 of the time its because “can we just use the fax machine like we are used to using”.

The ability to put multiple patterns and numbers in DID and CID for inbound routes would be nice. You could get around this by creating multiple inbound routes, but if the treatment is the same, it would be much cleaner on the GUI to just have one.

Missed call notification

Within q-xact reporting we would also like to provide specific administrators the ability to run queue reports only for the queue that supports their area.
Alternatively having the ability to create a report based on an individual queue rather than all queues together in a single template.

Within voicemail or extensions module, we would like to ability to have a level 1 help desk user be able to chance only the voicemail password and not be given access to the entire extensions module.

Thank you.

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On the Dashboard in the FreePBX Statistics I would like to be able to click somewhere and see a listing of exactly which
Users/Extensions are online/offline
Trunks are online/offiline
Lines in use: which ones and by what extension.

I get the totals but that doesn’t help me troubleshoot and make sure everything is running as expected.

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On the Dashboard in the FreePBX Statistics I would like to be able to pick exclude inactive extensions. It’s concerning to see Users offline but when I do the investigation it’s actually my few non-traditional extensions that are okay to be “offline.”

The ability to setup default UCP dashboard template(s) for all (or groups of) users.

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The ability to factory reset a phone from EPM.


Granular codec choice.

Let me use HD codecs for my internal calls, something else for outgoing, another for incoming.

I think it’s related to Asterisk!