Web interface stopped working after update today version 14

Today a did an update via the web interface and now the GUI works for a minute or so and then is unresponsive. I can’t SSH into the server either. I tried fwconsole restart, this did not work. If I reboot the server the same thing happens again. Any ideas and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I’ll pile on… Same symptoms. Reboot server works for a bit while making some user changes. A couple of AJax errors in the Web interface then KaPoot. Connection refused on Web & SSH.

I am having same issues. Calls process fine however GUI remains unresponsive. I only have access to the console. I have tried searching everywhere on how to fix this. I found an old case, but didn’t have much detail on how it was resolved.


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Looks like you are getting fail2banned what is in /var/log/httpd/error.log and access.log