Voip.ms Registration timed out, trying again


I have a system running FreePBX
I have 4 sip trunks setup, 3 from Voip.ms and 1 from voipmuch.
The voipmuch line always registers, never have problem with it.
One of the voip.ms line always works but is very lightly used (5 calls per day)
the other 2 voip.ms (about 300 calls per day) lines had lots of problems with registration failing when i first setup (1 month ago) then I set the udp timeout on my nat rules to 120, and tadaa, issue resolved. (mikrotik router) UNTIL… rebooted the freepbx system and then the disconnects started happening again.

I have contacted voip.ms and they say that everything looks fine on their end. nothing wrong with my connection string peer details etc… they say it must be something in my router or network.

I will also add that i have another freepbx system on the same network with 2 lines from voip.ms and never have a problem with those but they are also light use… (maybe 30 calls per day.) Obviously this is urgent so any help from anybody is greatly appreciated.

I realize i have not provided any details so what ever you want to see let me know.
I will also mention that i had another setup where i had similar issue and i replaced his rogers cable modem/router with a tp-link router and hes never had a problem since. (I dont think there is anything wrong with my router because i have other lines which are not used as much work fine all the time, although i do think some settings need to be changed possible due to the 2 lines being used more than the rest)

My problem is pretty much identical to this one: Dropping ip registrations

If i restart asterisk then it stays registerd for 1 - 15 minutes

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