Voicemail system hangs up


We have a strange problem when dialing the voicemail system 97. It answers and says "you have… and then stops and disconnects. I think it only happens when there is a voicemail in the inbox. When I delete the voicemail the system works fine.

It’s a pretty new FreePBX installation from this summer. For voicemail, we have the German language pack installed. Based on my tests it looks like that it has something to do if a recording is in the inbox or not.

We only use voicemail for the main switchboard number and not for any other extension. So I cannot say if it is only an issue with one extension or not.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Post a log, but chances are that your channels “language” chosen cannot resolve and play the correct file in your sounds/digits directory, nor does it properly fail back to EN which is hard coded.

Hello - Thanks for your reply. The reply from Stewart was very helpful. I also had to rename 1.alaw to 1F.alaw in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/de_DE/digits

It seems to be a bug with the german language files for sounds. It only happens when there is a message in the inbox.

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