Fix for missing sound files in german sound language package

Hello all,

there are some sound files missing in the German sound language package, which can cause the voicemail box to crash.
These are variations of ‘EINS’ (1):
1F (‘EINE’)
1N (‘EIN’)

These are currently missing from the voice package. This causes the voicemail box to abort if 1 message is present after ‘Du hast…’ / ‘You have…’.
Reference the following posts:

I organized the missing files from another source [] and integrated them accordingly.
They sound a bit different than the original files [Zapp Media Berlin] but are at least grammatically correct and there is no dropout.

I have attached the corresponding files and instructions for the integration here in case anyone else has the same problem.
Maybe it will save one of you the time for research.

Many greetings.

voicemail-fix.tgz (48,5 KB)

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I have additionally opened an Issue on the aforementioned portal, thanks for pointing it out.

Many greetings

[ticket here: FREEPBX-22946 - mod]

Thanks! I had also written an article about this (and similar issues) a while ago:

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if I would have known this before… but thanks for sharing.

You can add in your blog entry that there are similar language files to replace the missing files of the German translation on ‘’. With their license the use should be compatible in my opinion also in the commercial area.
Self-recording may not be an option for everyone and the English/German mix does not sound good either.

How to convert the voice files from there is also in my tutorial, you can also add this to your blog post if you like.

Many greetings

I understand there are a few files missing from the Zapp Media (Berlin) sounds package. The digit 1’s noted here, as well as the prompts for the wakeup calls module. If you’re aware of any others, please update this ticket so we can attempt to get the gaps covered:

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