Voicemail crashing: "File digits/1F does not exist in any format"

we have an issue when trying to play voicemail recordings.
When there are two new messages, I get a proper announcement saying “You have two new messages!”

But with one new message, FreePBX says “You have” and then hangs up. In the logfile, it says:
[2019-10-22 22:03:21] WARNING[5761][C-00000113] file.c: File digits/1F does not exist in any format [2019-10-22 22:03:21] WARNING[5761][C-00000113] file.c: Unable to open digits/1F (format (ulaw)): No such file or directory

Indeed, in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/de_DE/digits, there is 1.ulaw, but not 1F.ulaw. Copying 1.ulaw to 1F.ulaw fixed the problem for the time being. But do you have any idea why it is looking for 1F and not 1?

Thanks Lorne.
Well, that’s basically what I did.
I was just wondering about the difference between the two files. Our old asterisk even had three files for that: 1/1F/1N. Should I copy to 1N as well? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So: problem solved, but still looking for more insight.

Edit: the point probably is similar to the mentioned thread: “one” can be “eins” or “eine” in German. For being grammatically correct, it makes sense to create a 1F.ulaw which says “eine” instead of “eins”.

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