Voicemail attachment to Email shows invalid file

Hi, would someone be able to show me why voicemails are being sent to e-mail with an invalid file? I am using a DO droplet with SendGrid as a relay host. Thanks

What type of file is it being sent as?

Did you change the file recording format in Settings > Advanced Settings > Call Recording Format = wav

Did you make sure in the extension under voicemail to attach audio file by turning on “Email Attachment”

TY. It’s being sent as a .wav file and I haven’t touched the settings. And yes, attachements are turned on…

What is giving you the error, why do you think it is invalid?

I get the file sent as an attachment, but when I go listen to it, it downloads as an “Invalid File” and it doesn’t play.

Voicemail is sent in WAV49 you have to make sure your platform/device/app supports that.

I have an odd feeling you may be experiencing:

I got it. I went into UCP and was able to listen to voice mails. Thanks

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