Can no longer play voicemails from the Outlook App on Android phones

FYI - I found out the latest version of the Outlook app for Android now has it’s own built-in audio player, and it doesn’t support WAV files that use GSM compression. If I go into the FreePBX Voicemail Settings and change the File Format to WAV instead of WAV49 it works. However, the WAV file size is six times that of WAV49 and does not appear to be a solution.

Another recommendation I saw was to use the Outlook Lite app, but it does not support Exchange other than 365. So, it looks like our Andriod users will have to suffer a month or two until we migrate over to Exchange Online, and then use the Outlook Lite app.

I hope this helps someone out that is having the same issue.

Do you know if FreePBX plans to update the WAV file format?