Users cannot play more than a few seconds of VM from UCP


At least some of our users are having an issue with the UCP where a VM will only play the first two or three seconds and the stop. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox. It sounds exactly like what was described in this forum post: It has been happening for a while on at least one extension, but now another user has reported the same issue, so it is at least two, not sure how many more might be affected.

I also note an error in the console, similar to what was reported in this Issue: For me the console error is “GET about:blank net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME”

Has anyone else been experiencing this?

User Control Panel
FreePBX Framework

(Brian) #2


I have now the same issue. Did you found a solution?



No. Somewhere I had found a suggestion that someone was able to resolve it by creating a new user, but that did not work for me.