All users cannot play more than a few seconds of VM from UCP

We just went into production on this system about 1 month ago. All was working well. Now when any user goes into the UCP they are unable to play more than a few seconds of voicemails. It starts to play then stops.

versions: UCP FreePBX:
Attempted rollback the version of UCP module - no difference
Disabled firewalls - no difference
Tested in Chrome (Version 81.0.4044.1380, Edge (Chromium Version 81.0.416.68), Firefox (71.0) - same results.

Any advise is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi @ceciljcvm

Pls try to update your PBX all Modules. After update if not works pls open Support ticket.
We can take a look.


We have updated all modules. Everything is running at the latest version.

Researched voicemail module.
voicemail module was completely up to date at version:
Downgraded module to This appears to be the newest VM module that will work with all other modules updated to latest release.
We can now listen to complete messages from the UCP. If I uncover any other issues with regard to VM in UCP I will update this.

VM playback works fine for me and there are no other reports of this. My versions:

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma list | egrep "voice|ucp"
| ucp                  |  | Enabled  | AGPLv3+     |
| voicemail            | | Enabled  | GPLv3+      |
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