Upgrading DPMA for Asterisk 14

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(Leland Lambert) #1

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Hi, I am experiencing a similar issue with Asterisk 14.7.8 and have a little information. I have completed all system updates and all module updates available for my FreePBX v14.
My PBX now reports that it has an expired DPMA v3.4.8 certificate, and please update this to v3.6.2+. And Digium D65’s cannot communicate with the provisioning server. But I cannot locate this recommended version in repository for Asterisk 14.

The DPMA listed and available from Sangoma for this version is 3.4.8. However this appears to be same module available from the Digium archives, published on 19-Jul-2018 15:35 which contains the expired certificate.

Sangoma has done a tremendous job of producing updated DPMA’s for all the older versions I’ve seen, but it seems there is a gap where Asterisk 14 is involved.

I realize this is an outdated Asterisk version, but am not quite ready to upgrade at this point. Have you been able to resolve this issue? Is there a new DPMA out there that I’m missing?

Hoping you’ve found it. Thanks

Critical Information for all DPMA users
(Lorne Gaetz) #2

How was the system installed? Are you using the FreePBX Distro, and if so what version? There is no DPMA upgrade for 14, as it’s been EOL for so long

(Leland Lambert) #3

Thank you for responding. I believe this was installed with the Distro SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1707-1 ISO.
The disc would be labeled SNG7-17205.

This is a very old version, but I was hoping that Sangoma had produced an upgrade for the certificate issue. And I may have just missed finding it.

They did a great job with this certificate issue for Asterisk 11, 13, 15, and others.

If they do release an upgrade for this please let me know.

Thank you again for looking into this.

(Richard Smith) #4

If you are using FreePBX v14, why not upgrade Asterisk to 16? I don’t remember Asterisk 14 ever really being used in production. Hence why they did 11, 13 etc.

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

So if you’re on the SNG7 distro, it’s a quick and painless 2 min operation to change asterisk versions during a maint window. You don’t have to change FreePBX version. You want to be on Asterisk 16:


(Leland Lambert) #6

Thank you for this suggestion. I changed the version of Asterisk to 16 using the method suggested, and this issue is resolved. I’ll most likely be using this again.

I appreciate all of your help

(Brian H ) #7

After much fussing with Asterisk 14 and Freepbx 14 we ended up moving our phones over to Endpoint Manager fully. Boss man had been wanting that done anyways for some time. These are D60 and 65 models.

I did however have an box in our office with Freepbx 14 and Ast. 14 and did the update process on Asterisk as you stated in the link. I can confirm in so doing that the DPMA module updated into the correct 3.6.3 version finally. It also opened up functionality on our NON functional D80’s we have had sitting around.

I only wish I had understood this 2 weeks ago. Would have saved me a lot of headache I think…

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