Upgrade from 13 to 14 issues

We are in the process of updating our PBX systems from 13 to 14 and so far we have ran into issues with the first two we have attempted. If anyone is able to provide any fixes or ways to prevent these issues I would be much appreciated.

Voicemail: All Voicemail settings are gone, we have to go in and re-input the settings manually for each one. (found All extensions voicemail disabled after upgrade from 13 to 14, for this issues, have not tried to pull file from the backup yet)

Extension receiving calls: The extensions will not receive any calls until we go into the system, edit the extension, save it, and apply changes. Eg, we had a ring group with 4 extensions in it, only one phone would ring (this phone was the one with voicemail so we already edited it and saved it) the rest would not. The logs showed the 4 extensions in the RG but it would never actually show it trying to ring those phones. Asterisk Info showed the phones connected and those phones could call out. Once I edited and saved those extensions they all rang fine.

GUI could not connect to asterisk: When I first login the GUI reports “Cannot connect to Asterisk”. Confirm the service is running and attempting to process calls but still the error. I was able to fix this by going to advanced settings editing the asterisk manager password there to match the password found in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

Firewall: The firewall was completely reset, we lost all the saved networks and settings we had applied.

Intrusion Detection: One of the two systems lost all of their whitelisted IP addresses.

Update Process we followed:
Starting Version: FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-22
Followed Steps found here:

Take a look here

Not sure how I would use the conversion tool. As the server would be the same. Unless you are suggesting I have a 2nd system spun up, copy to that system, then upgrade the current system and recopy to it?

Mis-read it. You are right.

However, there’s a recovery script at the bottom, have you tried using it?

I did not, as the upgrade didnt report any errors (that I saw) but i will try it.

Tried again with a different system and same thing happens. replacing the Vociemail.conf with the original one fixed the VM issues, but a person still cannot call an extension.

More information, when the extension calls out it works, but it does used the assigned caller ID it will default to the trunk or outbound route.

Once you edit the ext and save it (nothing needs to be changed) inbound and outbound calling works as it should.

Ran the recovery script, did not help.

I attached two logs, in the not working one, you can see the system does not even try to call the extensions.

Are there any other config files/database that the extensions would need to be added to? I left an unused extension so i can test with.

Logs.tgz (11.0 KB)

You should copy the file


from the old box to the new box while asterisk is not running

Thanks for the reply,

That file is not part of the normal FreePBX backup so I do not have that original file anymore. I was doing a standing update from 13 to 14 on the same server and not migrating servers.

I will grab that time next time before the update occurs and see if that helps at all.

Little more update, /var/lib/asterisk/astbd.sqlite3 copy didnt do anything.

I am also noticing that Call Waiting is being disabled across the board as well.

Other than the using the RPM and using the distro-upgrade cmd is there any other way to update the systems. This method seems to be filled with issues.

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