UCP FindMe Follow setting disappears shortly after the setup


I am seeing strange behavior, I added follow me module and trying set it up so that user can enable / disable from UCP panel; however, for some reason, the setting disappears after a while.

I thought it maybe a permission issue so I applied fwconsole chown but it doesn’t seem to be effective. fwconsole restart was also the same way, no change. Reinstalling the module didn’t change either.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Platform Info

  • CentOS7: 7-5.1804 (Core)
  • FreePBX:
  • Asterisk: 13.23.1

It helps to add their own extension to “Allowed Extensions” :slight_smile:

Keep in mind a User is just that a “user”. The system will create and link a new extension to a user by default if you don’t change the “Linked User” option. So if you create 100 it creates user 100.

If you’re adding users directly via the User Manager, you need to always associate the user to the extension(s) and features you want them to have in the UCP. Unfortunately it means each feature that is linked to an extension, you need to tell it what extension(s).

If you’re going to add users on the fly and not just directly linked to a single extension you can use the Groups setting to make global settings to be assigned to the new users and just associate that new user to that group when creating them.

Thank you. My problem is that I set;

  • Enabled Findme Follow: Yes
  • Allowed Extensions: Select appropriate extension which used by the user
  • Followme Ring Strategy Settings: Enable

but those setting will be wiped out and setting page is reverted back to the one on the snapshot in a short interval.
Strange things is the setting may stay, but at some point, it will be wiped out.

I am wondering where this setting will be stored, perhaps file permission is not properly set…

Ahhh… Yes, our user info is populated via MS Active Directory.

In fact, “Primary Linked Extension” under “Login Details” tab gets defaulted to “none” all the time, I was wondering why it was but I didn’t pay too much attention to it since it wasn’t causing issue in general PBX usage.

Perhaps those setting gets wiped out when PBX receives LDAP update from Active Directory? In our setup is read only, I wonder how I can I keep those manually modified setting under User Management.

Many thanks to below thread, primary extension started to appear by adding attribute on Active Directory side.

I enabled “Manage groups locally” under AD directory setting page, and created group,


Set FindmeFollow as below,

But the setting is not appearing yet…


Update, Although the FindmeFollow setting was not appearing on each users setting page (Admin → User Management → Users → → UCP → FindmeFollow), Follow Me Widget was appearing in UCP!

Good to know about the link extension attribute, many thanks to Andrew as well!

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