Endpoint settings menu disappears from UCP when using LDAP

Hello Community, When i log in to UCP using internal database everything looks fine, i see in the user menu “Endpoint settings” where users can set their follow me and other stuff. If i switch to Active Directory authentication the “Endpoint settings” menu disappears, other menus continue to work normally. Otherwise it’s a fully functional installation.
Anyone ran into this? any thoughts?
Thank you

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Check you permission under user admin

I had already checked the permissions, i traced it back to the mysql database, the group to which the user belongs did not have the UCP|settings entry. i added it manually.
Note this is only happening when the users are authenticated through active directory.

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Put in a Issues ticket so it gets captured and your hard work becomes useful for everyone.

done! thank you for the hint, i’m new to the forum.

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Hi Joseph,

I think I am on a same situation you experienced, may I ask for your guidance how you fixed the issue?
So far I am noticing below are going to be reverted back to default setting.

  • Login Details → Primary Linked Extension: "none "


  • UCP → FindmeFollow: All settings reverted back like below.