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Another good chat in the evening. Enjoyed seeing the live action Dilbert comic playing out. And great to hear solutions given and upcoming tools for FreePBX.

Look forward to the next event!

Per your idea:


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Our next #OpenSourceLounge is this tonight (October 8th) at 7 PM EDT. We hope you stop by & join in on the conversation! #FreePBX #Asterisk

Sangoma Meet:
Or dial: +1.202.600.3995 PIN: 614103310#



Excellent fun as ever. Thanks to all participants

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Was nice seeing you again Dicko. What’s the name of that tool again?


change the call to


to make it less noisy

sngrep -I /var/spool/pcapsipdump/blah/blah/blah

or tshark it to decode, need the cert if encrypted

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Thank you! Hope to see you at Astricon.

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The next #OpenSourceLounge is tomorrow, Nov 12 at 7pm Eastern.

Join us at the Open Source Lounge. It’s an opportunity for our community members, along with our developers, engineers and support teams, to chat about Open Source and the meaning of life.

Join via Sangoma Meet

Or dial: +1.202.600.3995 PIN: 421082484# to join

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Have plans this Thursday at 7PM Eastern? Now you do. Catch up with the team & other #FreePBX #Asterisk community members during our monthly #OpenSourceLounge! Join via Sangoma Meet at:

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Reminder about tonight’s session see ↑


If you go to

you are required to enter a password which is not apparent here . . .

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That url should not challenge you for a PIN @dicko. Is anyone else not able to join?



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@cynjut you missed a good #OpenSourceLounge session tonight. There were a couple guys from the FreeBSD project who are working on getting FreePBX up and running.

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It’s great that people want to help out but please don’t consider FreeBSD for this.

(Lorne Gaetz) #58

For what?

To be clear, these are OSS community members doing what they do best, nothing more than that.

(Tom Ray) #59

This as in the core project. Having a FreeBSD option is always great plus isn’t there one now regardless of the status of CentOS? Dude used to hang out in on Freenode.

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Next OSS Lounge is this evening


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This month’s OSS Lounge is this Thursday the 11th, at 7PM Eastern. Drop by and say hi!

Join via Sangoma Meet at


^^ @Ducktour your personal reminder :slight_smile:

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Quick reminder, tonight’s lounge :arrow_up: kicks off about two hours from now …