The #OpenSourceLounge

(Lorne Gaetz) #63

Advance notice for this month’s OSS Lounge this Thursday night. Enter it into your Palm Pilot.

(Lorne Gaetz) #64

We’re going to do some FreePBX & Asterisk merch giveaways during tonight’s Open Source Lounge!

Join us this evening, Thursday, March 11th, at 7PM Eastern.
Join via Sangoma Meet at

(Lorne Gaetz) #65

Excellent Open Source Lounge tonight. @mitchmitchell showed off how he’s married FreePBX, node-RED and home automation in a very slick setup. Good to see @PitzKey, @dicko, @christrati, @billsimon and others whom I’m afraid I’m forgetting.

(Mitch Mitchell) #66

It was great to meet everyone tonight, thanks for inviting me Lorne!

(Michael White) #67

This was the best OSS Lounge yet. Big thanks @mitchmitchell- I hope you join us again soon!

(christrati) #68

I also second that this was a great meetings. Really enjoyed the discussion and learned about some new IoT tools and software. Just wish I had more time to play with this stuff.


(Lorne Gaetz) #69

Next Open Source Lounge is this Thursday, April 8th, at 7PM Eastern


I offer a topic for discussion,

Is it yet a time to discuss deprecating SIP connections over UDP/TCP ?

(Lorne Gaetz) #71

While investigating the various mechanisms that are emerging to support the Ray Baum’s regulations coming into effect next year, one of the realities is that including location data in sip headers can push the packet size beyond UDP limits. I wonder if this will have ripple effects beyond emergency dialing to SIP trunking generally.

(Lorne Gaetz) #72

Quick reminder that the next OSS Lounge is tonight.

(Itzik) #73

These are the emails I was talking about earlier, it’s not the abnormal call volume, but I am unsure what triggered these:


Does anyone know what these notifications are? I don’t remember what I was working on then…

(Lorne Gaetz) #74

Looks like you had a script to monitor trunk failures? Whenever an outbound call fails, you can execute a script that could generate emails of this nature.


It was as always fun and as ever some bonding ,nice to see some new faces.

I forgot to give a shoutout to @cynjut who apparently is currently recovering , I am sure we all wish Dave a speedy convalescence.

(Mitch Mitchell) #76

I got to chat with @cynjut tonight when we dialed into the wrong bridge for a while. A very interesting person and seems to be doing well. I had all sorts of bandwidth issues tonight so I really didn’t get to participate as much as I wanted to - but it was great to have a chance to check in with the group!

(Dave Burgess) #77

I got the wrong bridge and ended up monologuing with Mitch. I was really looking forward to talking to you all - I’ll be sure to double check the bridge ID for next month’s Lounge.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Things are going pretty well, considering.

(Lorne Gaetz) #78

How did you guys end up with the wrong URL? Is there something out that I need to get updated?

(Dave Burgess) #79

I was trying to get on with my cell phone, so I ended up connecting through Twitter. The message I followed was about 8 minutes old, and when I clicked on the URI, it dropped me onto the old bridge. Probably my fault - I should have kept better track of the bridge ID next time.

(Mitch Mitchell) #80

I went through this URL: and clicked on the link on the page.

(Lorne Gaetz) #81

Our May #OpenSourceLounge is coming up in two days. Join us Thursday, the 13th, at 7PM Eastern. We’ll be chatting about FreePBX 16 Beta, API integrations & more.

Join using Sangoma Meet:

(Lorne Gaetz) #82

Reminder of tonight’s session starting at 7pm Eastern. :point_up: