T46s Park with FreePBX 16 Asterisk 18.14.0


Just put a customer live today and all seems to be going well except call Parking. I’ve read through numerous posts, and this one closely resembles what I’m trying to do:

However, none of the options listed seem to be working.

I have tried the BLF feature and I’ve tried the Call Park feature. Currently I’m doing the edits directly on the phone (there are only a few in the office).

On my phone DSS config screen, if I set type to BLF, I have a Value, Label, and then Extension.

I see where it’s suggested to just use BLF, but what needs entered for the extension, if anything?

In both instances the phone will appear to park the call, hitting the button again I get the “I am sorry but there is no parked call here.”

My phones have the most current firmware:

Firmware Version
Hardware Version

For their operations, they would like to have 3 pre-defined places to park their call. They simply then tell others where they parked the call.

Appreciate any input, be well!

There is already a thread on this from yesterday. Please don’t start a new one. @BlazeStudios has this working with his Yealink phones and has advised he’ll respond when he is back in the office and can check his configs.

Call Park - Single Button Using Dsskey for the thread

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Thank you! That one didn’t come up in my searches.I’ll track it there.

Try this in the Yealink phones:

For the PARK button (use the type: park) and value: 70

For the LOT buttons (use the type: BLF) and the values for lots you set in the FPBX UI.

Yealink (in the UI) of the phone now support PARKING, but you have to enable it (from disabled to enabled) and set your park code (70).

Doing this means: the Yealink user (during a call), can press the MORE button on the Yealink phone (softkey), and the next set of (4) softkey options will have a PARK option.

during call: press more, then park.
This way, you do not have to use a park button (saving buttons).

Hi Sawgood1000… with this method, do they get to choose which lot the call is parked?


You can control that option with the choices inside of the parking module of FPBX.

Also, there is a cool commercial module called: parking pro
It has some other features like multiple parking lots.

I seem to have something missing in my config, but not sure what it is as it’s not working. I’ll have to keep doing some digging. Also trying details provided by Blaze in the other thread. Thanks!

Hi @sawgood1000 curious if you could post screenshots of your config so I can compare with setup on my end?

Also, would the version of Asterisk matter (I’m on 18).


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