Suddenly unable to transfer calls directly to extension's voicemail box after update **SOLVED**

Hello Everyone, first time poster so any help is appreciated…So here is the issue, We have a new Appliance 40 FreePBX 14 installed and SIP trunking through Sipsatation. All was working fine on till a system update. Now we’re having an issue where if we try to transfer a call directly to an extension’s voice box we get a error saying the “your call cannot be completed as dialed”. We can still however transfer calls to other extensions, which if the call is not answered, it goes top voicemail as expected. We’re just able to transfer a call directly to an extensions voicemail box. This only affects extensions that were on the system before the update. If we create a new extension, transferring calls to the new extensions voicemail box works fine. Deleting an extension and recreating it doesn’t help. Only newly created extension’s voicemail box seem to work. The existing Extensions that stopped working are in the range of 100 - 127, the three newly created extensions that seem to work are in the range of 200 - 210.

Possibly Transfer to Voicemail startting with *11 results in unknown extension is your issue?

Aslo look as the Speed Dial feature code. It defaults to *10 but I often change to **10 to prevent interfering with direct dial to vm.

I had this exact issue not too long ago. Any extension starting with 11 or 12 is an issue. Go into PBX and look under featurecodes. Ctrl+F for 11 and 12, which are found under User Logon and User Logoff. The two features are not usually needed, at least not with the systems I’ve setup, so you can turn them off, or if they are needed just change the codes.

If you can’t find them, go to Advance Settings and toggle on Expose All Feature Codes, then go back to feature codes and look for 11 and 12.

Hope this fixed your issue!

Yep…that fixed it…changing the Speed Dial feature code from *10 to **10 worked. Thanks man. Or as we’d say back home Jamaica “You run Tings Mon”:sunglasses:

Also, thanks everyone for your input.

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