Transfer to Voicemail startting with *11 results in unknown extension

We’ve recently setup two different clients with FreePBX that wanted to keep the same extension numbers they had before. This has resulted in an issue we were not aware of prior.

When an extension wants to transfer a caller to another extension’s voicemail, Transfer Button then *110, the caller gets an Unknown Extension error.

After doing some research, I found out *11 and *12 are hardcoded Feature Codes that cannot be altered or changed in PBX. We’ve tried to move the users in the 11X area, but the client wants alternative options. Letting the phone ring or using the DND when the phone isn’t in use is not viable.

For the time being, I’ve setup a work around extension of 310, no *, that will take calls to it directly to 110’s voicemail, as no phone is registered to that extension.

Is there something I’m overlooking that can resolve this issue? I’ve given the option of moving the users to 310+, and setup routes for just 110+ to redirect to 310+, but direct to voicemail will need to be *310. Haven’t heard back as of yet.

Look in the Feature Code Module and see what codes are in there. I don’t think they are hardcoded, but you probably need to disable/move/change the “User Login (*11)” and “User Logout (*12)” feature codes.

If you don’t see those options look under advanced settings and turn show all feature codes to yes and then check. Dave is spot on.

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You CAN override the Feature codes, they are NOT ‘hard coded’ just go to admin/feature codes and choose thewell named ‘customize’ button

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That’s exactly what I needed! I thought something was strange. Their system is freepbx, which we’re moving to, though our’s is not, and we had the options, they didn’t.

Thank you!

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