SSh password forgotten - SOLVED

Hello, I forgot my ssh password for my freepbx. I can get in the web site login but not the ssh. Can someone please help me to reset this problem?


this may help

Hello, the problem is I can not ssh or anything into it. I can log into the webpage of the freepbx but that is all. The server is not here. It is remotely at my friends place 700 miles away and no one is ever at that building.

unfortunately but for very good reasons, there is no way to reset a root passwd without access to the machine’s local console , when you make that 700 mile drive, I suggest you don’t just reset the root password

but also setup access by key and when it is proved working, disable all password access.

(you can set up several ‘key accesses’ for when you forget or lose a key)

If this is a virtual server, your friend presumably has access to the host and can reset the password for you. With some virtualization systems, he can give you access to a virtual console without allowing you access to other VMs.

If it’s a physical server, it likely has iLO (or the equivalent from other manufacturers) and your friend can give you the credentials or do the reset for you.

If it’s a cheap consumer or small business PC, you are probably out of luck with it for now, but if you have a good backup, you could set up a temporary PBX on a cloud VPS. When you do eventually visit the site, consider adding a remote KVM (not cheap) or upgrading to a real server.

… It is remotely at my friends place 700 miles away and no one is ever at that building.

someone will have to be at that building, and she will need to have precise instructions as to how to use the console to have grub boot into a single user state and then set a memorable password.

It is on a full bare metal server no VM. I own the server he just hosting it for me. Because I help him fix his computers. He lives near me far away as well.

Most anything sold as a ‘server’ (it mounts in a rack) in the past 15 years has iLO or equivalent. Of course, you may have failed to configure it or hook it up (on many servers, it’s on a separate RJ45).

Do you mean the ipmi or others call them lights out port. No I never used them.

If you have IPMI you may be in luck. Log into the router and look at the connected devices. IPMI generally has a separate MAC address. It also has a separate password; the initial value is usually printed on the physical label that has the model, serial number, etc. If you have a photo of that, try logging in. The default password might also be on paperwork that came with the unit.

We don’t have it connected or setup.

then someone needs to drive 1400 miles, and have a good ‘play book’ for the 700 mile point.

but in the interim, then make a backup and restore into a cloud instance perhaps.

Dicko man you are right. And I got someone to do it. But reading the sites of the links that was provided in here got me all confused, Way above my head.

in 8 hours someone will be at that location. They ar going to hook up a network KVM for me so I can remote into as it I was there. and also trying to connect and setup IPMI just incase.

The only thing I’m confused about is What link and instructions do I use to fix this problem? I’m not a programmer by any means. But I can follow Directions to the letter. I really don’t want to mess this up becuase I don’t have a fall back system and the freepbx version of this one is very old.

Is there a clear set of instructions I can follow for this so I would not mess it up please?

What exactly is the OS of the machine ?

From my notes I took it is Freepbx 12 asterisk 11 stable version 6.12.65, release date 2015.

That is the versioning of freepbx and asterisk, did you install from an iso and if so, which one, or did you roll your own? Because there is one recipe for debian based OS’s and another for redhat based ones.

I’m sorry straight from the ISO from that freepbx website itself.

Then presumably redhat rules. So as I previously posted:-

Thank you very much. I will try it later this evening my time and see if it works. I will update this post in a couple of days.