[SOLVED] DIDWW Trunks and FreePBX

I am trying to get a trunks working for a DID I have with DIDWW but they seem to use a whole range of IP addresses and the documentation and forum posts I can find are a few years out of date. Does anyone have any current advice or solutions?

I’ve tried the user contributed script and tried custom configurations from didww without any luck.

Have you allowed these IP address in your firewall? https://www.didww.com/Knowledgebase/the_list_of_didww_ip_addresses/

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From what I remember they have two main IPs for SIP signaling - and

Try to add those two in incoming trunks and allow ranges in firewall for audio.

I hope that solves your issue!

Thanks very much, I’ll try just that!

This works for us. We create the main DIDww trunk in the GUI and then setup inbound trunks
for each additional IP in sip_custom.conf like below all pointing to the same context “from-trunk-sip-DIDww”.
This will also open up the ports in the integrated firewall.

host =

Thanks for chiming in, setting up the trunk the way @Joseph45 suggested and making the changes to sip_custom.conf as you suggested @dcitelecom has us up and running well!

Thanks again everyone!