SIP Trunk and lots of host ips

DIDWW…in their infinite wisdom increased the number of ip addresses that incoming calls come into. I was oblivious to this until last night. What am I supposed to do? I can’t create 120 something trunks for each host IP address? I have tried doing ips like 23.23.1.X and that only works some of the times but calls are still getting routed to the number you are trying to reach is not in service.

Please advise…

flowroute sip settings look like this:

USA 4:
Outgoing Settings
Trunk Name: didww_us3

Incoming Settings
USER Context: from-didww4
USER Details:

Please tell me there is a simple way to set this up…; if i really have to set up a trunk for each did, can i put it in a file (i tried the one where the stuff you key into freepbx is stored but that did not work).

and here is all the ips addresses…


Please note, that DIDWW recently updated their list of IPs. Now there are only 12 IPs (according to your location and your preferred server) which needs to be added.

Here are the their trunk examples:

What I have found, is that, you may use a script in order to add their trunks into your system. You can find more information at and then choose ‘User contributions’.

Hope, this will help you.