Sangoma phones randomly displaying Login Int / Login Ext

We have a few sites coming back to a cloud instance of FreePBX
At only one of these sites do we have this issue. I have matched up User Group and EPM template settings but still the issue happens at the single site. I was wondering if anyone else has come across this or could help point me in the direction of what to look for in the logs downloaded from the phone.

The Issue - Every few days any one or more of the six phones at this site will display Login Int / Login Ext on the screen, even though it still rings and works as the extension it is configured as. Although the phone works mostly as normal, the line key and BLF key that we have assigned to the normal second line key stop working so it seems the Login Int and Login Ext buttons take control of these buttons.

If I login to the phone and click Autoprovision Now it changes back to normal and shows the normal line keys as programmed on the EPM template.

My initial thoughts were to change the PoE switch onsite or move some phones to use PSUs and being plugged directly into the router, but I was wondering if there were any codes or messages I need to be looking for in the phone’s logs first.

All sites use a mix of S500’s, S400’s and S300’s and it happens with all 3 types of phones but only at one site. Each site use their own User Group and EPM template with the VPN connection. I have now matched up the User Group and EPM template with our own site and the issue persists.

All phones are on the latest firmware. The extensions are PJSIP and look identical in FreePBX Asterisk Info when in normal display or login mode display. All sites use Draytek routers with QoS to the IP of the cloud server.

I will schedule to go out and move some phones to PSU and directly into the router, and try to change the PoE switch to see if that helps, but any advice on what else I could look at would be a great help,

I have similar problem. Several S500 will display Login xxx on the first two line keys

This was happening with Sangoma Firmware
I updated to and still having the same issue

I can duplicate the problem by going to EPM > Extension Mapping > Save, Rebuild Config(s) and update Phone.

This is setup as POE. When I unplug the Ethernet and reconnect, it temporary fixed the problem until it showed up again.

All my Sangoma phones are configured for zero touch. Here’s one of the MAC address 005058507993 in case it’s related to zero touch configuration.

Asterisk Version:** 13.19.1
EndPoint Manager:
S500 Firmware, and
Ext Type pjsip


It’s happening during the re-sync time, and XML-API (RestAPI) Default Login is set to yes.


It would have nothing to do with default login. What’s happening is in global setting the default resync is every 24 hours. When it resyncs it pulls the global config which has the first or first two buttons as login but then the mac.cfg overrides those. It would appear when doing a config sync without reboot it has a race condition or something where the global applies after the mac.cfg. Please open a support ticket and they can get traces for eng to look at. I can’t replicate this but I think my logic on what’s happening is close.

Thanks guys, I shall open a support ticket this morning, we are still going out this afternoon to put 2 phones on PSU directly into the router and change the PoE switch for the other 4 phones to see if it helps any. I shall keep you updated.

Issue created

I have this also happening as well, primarily with S705. I installed the latest firmware 1.55 and still have it happen at random.

I originally had the phones checking their config every 4 hours. I changed it back to 24 hours. This is probably unrelated, but it is happening less once I made sure and added the phone subnet to the intrusion detection exclusion list. This helped with another issue of phones that wouldn’t grab their config and saw them banned as a blocked IP.

If you find out anything, I’m definitely interested.

On friday we went out and removed the DLink 8 port PoE switch. We put 3 phones on PSUs directly into the router and the other 3 phones via a Zyxel PoE switch.
This morning, one of the phones on the PoE switch had the login message on their buttons.
We will monitor this for a week and then swap the phones from PSU to PoE and vice versa to see if it has any significance.

The phone power source had nothing to do with this. It’s a issue with applying the configs from your resync as stated above.

When I reboot the phone it works. Does it not resync after the reboot?

I would like to be able to view the above ticket relating to this issue.

You can’t view this issue

It may have been deleted or you don’t have permission to view it.

What can I do to view or get notify of the solution.


Hi Roel,
Yes it resyncs after a reboot, it also gets fixed immediately by clicking “autoprovision now” in the phone or using EndPoint Manager to save config and push to phones.

Tony has moved the ticket to a new location as it wasn’t a FreePBX issue, more a Phone issue. I am unsure where the new link to the issue ticket is.


Ticket is not public. You can watch the firmware release notes page:

Or inquire in this thread when future firmware is published.

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New firmware was release but no mention regarding this issue. Appreciate if we can get some update.


It’s being worked on. The .57 firmware was handed to QA a month ago and this issue was queued up after the cut line for .57 was determined. I would expect it in .58 or .59 release.

Hi Roel, not sure if it helps but we just changed the EPM Global Resync Time to 2678400 so the phones only auto resync every 31 days or so. Any changes we do can be manually pushed out, out of hours, so we dont really need them to auto resync etc.
This should hopefully keep the issue at bay until the firmware fix has been released.


June of 2019 and we have an office full of S705 phones on firmware 1.54 ( doing this. Have just extended the resync interval per the thread, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Might be worth you opening a support ticket for Sangoma to look into it.

Per Tony’s post that was done last fall.

Was it your support ticket? If not it may have been closed if it was resolved and your issue could be a new bug?

I didn’t see anything here on the page (unless I missed it…)

Contacting support would be your best option.

Please update us once you know more.

Hi @FreerPBXer:

If you haven’t already done so, please open a ticket at If you already have one, please PM me the ticket number.