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Dumb question but I’m not sure where to open the ticket. I can’t find Sangoma Connect under FreePBX support, it’s not listed under Commercial Modules.

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Open it as a zulu ticket.

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We use Bria Enterprise across our company, but we intentionally have Push disabled. So long as the client is configured correctly, at least on Android and so long as Google doesn’t f*** it up later, push services aren’t necessary. Sure, Push can make your life easier, but it does come at a number of potential costs that should not be ignored. It might be just fine for most but still entirely unacceptable for others, especially of a security mind-set.

For example, use of interceptive push services requires explicit case-by-case approval if you are an employee or contracted by certain government agencies and intend to use such services for official communications of any kind. So, it’s not unreasonable for any of us to want to know what is and is not being routed through someone else’s server beyond our own. Our company manages clients for a number of HIPAA/HI-TECH compliant agencies and a few gov and gov-adjacent agencies. Disclosure of this type of information is important to us and those clients.

To question a tossed about statement of “absolute necessity” is also not even the least bit outrageous…and I’d argue that absolute trust is even more dangerous. Not all of us are ready to hand everything over to a system we have no control over…anybody who has lived through the makings of Google’s Graveyard can attest to the need for autonomy in some cases. In the world of cloud services, “here today; gone tomorrow,” is the understatement of the f’ing century. #ProveMeWrong :wink:

I marvel at the ease with which folks these days have forgotten that a PBX is a piece of critical communication infrastructure for most of the people using it…and should be treated as such. I’ve never been one to blindly accept the “because everyone else is doing it” excuse.

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Serious question here. I have a mobile client that “always works” or at least, has “always worked” once I setup my FreePBX server. (I am not exactly sure WHY you think that an on-prem solution doesn’t “always work”: but perhaps you have a lot of people deploying FreePBX who don’t know how to build reliable on-prem servers. Not my problem, though!)

Anyhoo, It appears to me that the “free 2 user trial” is 1 year only, and after that you have to buy a minimum 20 user Zulu cloud PBX?

But I don’t WANT a 20 user cloud PBX. My on-prem FreePBX cost nothing and I like it and want to keep it. Is there a way to get a “perpetual” 2 user license of Zulu so I can just use Sangoma Connect on a single mobile phone as a permanent soft phone app?

My current Android softphone app I use with FreePBX is CSipSimple. It works well but of course, I wouldn’t be adverse to paying a bit of money for a softphone app that was better and worked with FreePBX. If Sangoma Connect is better and had a “buy-once, no ongoing subscription” price that was reasonable I’d give it a whirl.

Anyway, thare ya have it. No chance of getting me to chuck my on-prem PBX and go 100% cloud - possible chance of getting me to pay a bit of money for an app. So my question is, do you honestly want to sell softphone apps or is this just a sort of hook to try to sell cloud PBXs which you are never going to get me to pay for? Because if it’s the second I don’t want to spend the time on it.

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Hi Ted

At present we have no plans to sell a perpetual license for either Zulu or Sangoma Connect. There will probably be changes to license pricing once Sangoma Connect goes to general availability, so I will pass your comments onto the product manager for consideration.

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Thanks! I would not expect a perpetual license for any cloud service of course. But the app doesn’t HAVE to use the cloud servers if it connects to an on-prem server since it can get all it needs from the on-prem server. Making it connect is your guys choice not mine. Whatever it’s getting from cloud can simply be made unavailable.

Keep in mind that Microsoft originally claimed Office 2021 was going to be subscription only - and backed off from that 4 days ago:

Your managers really should consider that if Microsoft is sensing “software as subscription fatigue” that the software subscription market expansion is probably pretty much done, and additional FUD that “everyone is going to cloud” isn’t going to expand the Zulu cloud PBX market.

Cloud has a place - for some. But not for all. Please tell the product manager to try to remember that. I look forward to seeing future offerings.

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Well, Microsoft has yet to get rid of perpetual licenses. Office 2016 had one ($229) and Office 2019 has one ($249). There was worry that Office 2019 would be the last one-time/one-system release but it appears the 2022 version will also continue this path. Now there was almost a 10% jump between the last two version, wonder if there is going to be another price hike next year when the new version is announced/released.

As far as it being a perpetual license, it is for that version only. You want to go to the next major release, you have to get a license for that release.

I wouldn’t consider this “subscription fatigue” as that revenue channel eclipses the one-time license revenue. I would consider this a move to not close off an existing revenue stream that probably still has a nice amount to it.

Like I said, I wonder if there will be another price hike for the one-time. If there is then that’s a sign of them pricing it out so that it starts to make more financial sense to go to Office 365. I mean I pay $40 less for the same 3-year life as I would for just getting Office 2019 one-time. I also have multiple devices, not just one.

So yeah, I guess Sangoma could go that way and have a “perpetual license” for each major release of ZULU/Connect. Follow the same path and release it every three years and still offer the subscription version as a lower price with more features.

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This is a highly misleading statement. Your on-prem FreePBX system costs you something. You need to update it. You need to make sure the hardware is kept up, monitored/reviewed so it just doesn’t die because no one heard that weird noise the drive was making. You need to support it. You need to power it, you need to have space for it, you need to account for it on the network (lost count of the “we ran out of ports and can’t expand” excuses I’ve heard). All of these are costs and impact to resources.

So just because FreePBX can cost you nothing in license costs to use the features of the PBX it does not equal costing you nothing.


This scenario appears to be the solution for low battery life with previous SIP clients on mobile devices.

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Yes! This is working great!! It’s everything Zulu should have been! Finally! Please tell me this will replace Zulu alltogether :heart_eyes:

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Trying to make this work on Android 10.
I got the client installed and provisioned but it’s failing to register.
TCP PJSIP port forwarded on my firewall but I don’t see any registration packets on my firewall trying to get to the server.

Are registration packets proxied through Sangoma servers or should I expect them to be sent from the client on my cell to my external FreePBX server address directly?

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Both. The list of cloud resources is here if you need them:

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And all SIP registrations, both from Sangoma and my mobile client will be sent to the external IP address configured in SIP settings as well as to the pjsip bind port for the PJSIP TCP transport?
(I have bind for TCP and for UDP).

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If an endpoint is set to transport auto in FreePBX, can it receive simultaneous registrations using both tcp and udp?
So e.g. same extension, but the Sangoma connect client is using tcp port 5160 and a local phone is using udp 5060.

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Yes, that’s how it works.

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Shall I submit issues here?

On install and initial setup the user should be prompted to grant the app access to camera, cause currently the called party is prompted at the first video call causing the call to terminate.

The video window is very small. Is there a way to increase size or make it full screen?

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I have Sangoma Connect working but if i lock the iPhone calls wont come in. There is anything else i need to do to keep the extension registered all times?