PBX slow to power off, flooding logs, high CPU usage

I’m experiencing the following issues:

  1. PBX takes 2 min to shut down
    PBX takes 2 minutes to shut down on reboot

  2. And I’m also experiencing a flooding of logs with high CPU usage (100-176%) on a quad core system.

This was a fresh install of FreePBX (https://downloads.freepbxdistro.org/ISO/SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1904-2.iso) and I noticed that after I did the latest round of module updates this morning that these issues started.

Please see screenshots.

You can see that in screen fail2ban takes several minutes to drop down from 100% cpu usage.

I think I’ve narrowed down the issue to a fail2ban/firewall issue. As soon as an endpoint tries to many times with the wrong password asterisk then jumps to 100% or more indefinitely.

IMHO, using pyinotify as fail2ban’s ‘backend’ , significantly improves its responsiveness

I’m using FreePBX distro. Is pyinotify not being used by default for some reason?

I can’t say, I went the



Not sure what’s happening, but this is I think the 3rd or 4th complain within the last week about FreePBX restarting/Power Off delays.

Were there any recent updates that might have caused this?

I thought I solved it as there were some emails sitting in the postfix queue but that wasn’t it. And then fail2ban spat out a bunch of banned IPs in an email but that didn’t solve it either.

The strange part right now is that asterisk is sitting at 178% usage but when a call is placed (incoming or outgoing) the asterisk process usage drops to a meagerly 5% and call quality is fine. As soon as the call is done asterisk usage jumps back up to 178%.

I’m using the latest distro FreePBX 14 (build 1902 I think) and asterisk 16.4.1.

Any thougts @tonyclewis or other Sangoma team members?


Sorry I have nothing to do with Sangoma or the FreePBX project. Heck I was told I was not welcomed at Astricon anymore. First time in over 10 years I will miss it.

@tonyclewis Sorry to hear things have soured.

Who might I ping for a second look at this issue. I just want to help figure out what’s causing the high cpu usage as I’m not the only one seeing it.

I have no clue. Maybe @mfredrickson can assist.

Doing some more digging. I had there error pop up today.

Apparently it was fixed in Asterisk 13.25 and 15.x but it showed up for me today in 16.4.1

Sorry to hear about the trouble!

It’d be surprising that it would be fixed in 13.25.0 as it was released in February-ish of this last year, whereas 16.4.1 was released around July unless it was some sort of regression that was introduced. It sounds like it might be worth opening a bug report on issues.freepbx.org with your system info and relevant version of Asterisk that exhibits the issue.

Best wishes!

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