Paging Two systems simultaneously over IAX

Have two sites connected over IAX thru a VPN. The customer wants to have one page group to page ALL phones at the same time. No means of using Multicast over the VPN it doesn’t support it. Is it possible?


I presume there is a sequence of digits you can dial to make a page on the remote system? If so, you can create a new extension of type “custom” and use the dial string:

 local/[email protected]

where the x’s are the number to reach the remote page group. Then add the custom extension to the local page group.

edit: the posts that follow are due to the confusion over the fact that ‘custom extension’ can refer to two different things. In this case you must browse to Applications -> Extensions and create a new ext of type ‘custom’.

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Thanks Lorne

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The user has Page Pro and the custom extension doesn’t show up in the device list. I tried it on a system that just has the regular Paging module and it showed up. Any ideas as to why it wouldn’t show up?


No, but if you can’t figure it out, open a commercial module support ticket so we can investigate.

There is a difference between the systen I tested on and the one that is in production. My system is at version 13 and the other on version 14. Module updates are up to date. We tried different browsers and cleared cache.

Support ticket created

Thanks Lorne for your help and from now on I will ver batem quote your insructions LOL

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