Paging from One system to two others over IA2

I used this from Lorne to page over an IAX2 from one system to another.

How can I modify this to page to TWO distant systems over their respective trunks? Or would it work to have the Main office page to the first site, and then have a custom extension on that system in the page group and page out to the next site.

If the paging phones are simply multicast clients (yealink, grandstream ,etc), use SNOM PA1 with multicast passthrough. If the phones are polycom then use Algo 8301 with multicast passthrough. Put the 2 page adapters in a FreePBX page group; when someone dials the page group, both adapters will answer and transmit local multicast so all the phones will page.

Better than depending on a VPN and trying to send multicast through it.

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No Multicast phones. No VPN either the IAX connection is strictly over the internet.

I don’t think you can multicast over the IAX2 connections. You’re going to have to send the calls to extensions on the remote machines and let the remote machines handle the multicast routing within their respective local networks.

Lets start over. We have three systems all connected via Iax2 over the internet. All three locations have dual WAN with failover. Originally we had to register a second account on several of the phones at the locations that are smaller. In other words the main site had phones registered to it from the other two sites for the sole purpose of paging at those sites. This was the only way we could have a single page code for all three sites. It has worked for many months. All of a sudden the audio has stopped. The phones alert on the screen when the page is made but no audio on any of the offsite phones. At first I thought that they might be saturating their ISP connection, close but no cigar there. All other traffic is working. Any ideas as to why this would stop all of a sudden? We are within the page limit for devices.

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