Override inbound routes without did (global override holiday message to all inbound routes)

dear community,

i had a question:
currently i must change on DID (on each inbound route) the last numbers e.g. from regular +431234567810 to +431234567810999 then the inbound route dont match, and the first play recording works.

but i want a global rule like the first one that here all inbound routes will be overridden that i dont must change each single inbound route. its only for holida so i have to play for all inbound routes these system recording.

is there a simple way to do that? and after the holiday i will then remove the first inbound override route to enable normal working mode.

is here a possible for that? or how we should fix that? i dont want create for each extension a additional module.

thank you


You may want to check out Call Flow Control User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation

This will give you the ability to send all your inbound routes to the CF module and select the destination according to its state. You can change it using feature codes or via the admin web interface.

@spioli CFC will do nothing globally.

@iceget The short answer is no. The longer answer is yes, but it gets complicated and is often not worth it. Call flow is linear for each DID, nothing is designed to handled things globally first and then break out to individual DID options.

First of all, no one actually cares about their direct DID going to a holiday message. It just is not a thing, that is why they have voicemail and temporary greeting if needed. Obviously there is the snowflake for any blanket statement…

So you should only really care about your primary number that goes to TC01.

With that said, then using a CFC in front of it as @spioli suggested is the correct way to handle it.

If you want to, you can create custom dial plan to do what you want, but you will then need to deal with maintaining that. Here is the rough flow I would recommend.

  1. Create a custom context that reads the DID and then sends the call directly to the various destinations you desire.
  2. Create a Custom Destination pointing to the custom context you created.
  3. Create the CFC for Holiday. Send the call to whateverdestination you want when active and when not active send the call to your custom destination.
  4. Delete your current inbound routes, leave only the any/any and point it at the CFC.

The problem with using Call Flow control for 7 inbound routes, is that you have 7 feature codes to enable/disable. This use case would best be done with a single Call Flow control feature code that controls all inbound routes, which can be done using Dynamic Routes: How can I turn on and off multiple CFC? - #8 by lgaetz

That is why no one wants to use CFC, and why he asked about a global solution. Your linked solution is another workaround, with a lot of overhead. but is something that can be done completely in the GUI, aside from learning the index of the “master” CFC.

I would use multiple time conditions all linked to the same calendar (or schedule. I prefer calendar mode). This way, you manage all the time conditions in a single place.

+1 for chrischevy
two TC per DID: holiday/workday, open/close

“global rule” can be realized with extensions_custom.conf imho
see extensions_additional.conf, [ext-did-0002]

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