OpenVPN ping from client to client

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Hi all,

I configured a OpenVPN server on the FreePBX, connected 2 phones through that VPN. Both working properly. I also configured 1 OpenVPN client on a windows workstation which is also working.

However, it looks like I can only ping from the client to the server, and cannot ping from client to client. In my scenario, I am trying to access the remote phones, that are behind a home router which we do not have access to. I assumed if the phones are connected and the windows client is connected, I should be able to access the phones internal vpn IP address through the tunnel. But I can only ping from client to server, on both phones, and on the windows client.

How can I enable client to client traffic to be allowed through FreePBX?

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I answered this question once before

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Oh ok. So by default this setup will not allow me to access from client to client? Only from client to server? Also, what does it change, if I enable or keep disabled the route in the FreePBX VPN server settings?

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