Access Sangoma Phones over VPN

I have a bunch of Sangoma S500 connected to FreePBX via the built in VPN Server. Everything works fine for making and receiving calls, etc.

I also setup a user within FreePBX for the purpose of using the VPN profile downloaded from UCP to connect my laptop over the VPN for administrative tasks. This works fine and I can connect to the FreePBX server via

I also want to be able to access the web GUI for the Sangoma phones that are connected via VPN. This is where I run into problems. From my laptop I can only ping the FreePBX server on If I try to ping the 10.8.x.x of the Sangoma phones it fails and I can not access the GUI.

I’ve checked and I have ticked to enable the route under VPN Server Settings:

Am I missing something? Is this something that should work?

Did you mean 10.8.0.x ? If the third octet of the Sangoma phone private address is other than 0, either the netmask in your Routes is incorrect, or some additional route table entries are needed.

Do the phones go through a router to get to

No, at least I don’t think so.

You can get where you need to go by using an ssh tunnel and a proxy, we do this all day long in support. Using a terminal program (PuTTY if you’re on windows), configure the session with a dynamic tunnel, then config your browser to proxy thru the SOCKS ssh tunnel. I dedicate Firefox for this purpose because it has the native ability to config a proxy, but there are browser plugins to easily toggle on/off. Once configured, you simply browse to the VPN IP of the devices, or any IP the PBX has direct access to.

edit: Thinking further, I may be wrong, if you have your VPN server configured with Gateway enabled and access to the VPN route, the PBX will route between different VPN IPs.


Thanks, not done this before but looks perfect for what I need. :grinning:

Tried and it took about 2 minute to setup! Works exactly how I wanted thanks.

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